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Day 2 - a happy one

Today's live was so much fun ^_^
It was a session event, so various artists played together; no real bands. Kamijo sang Fuyu Tokyo! *__* The song that got me into this to begin with. He even wore the costume from LAREINE (People were going "oooo :D" as he entered the stage ^__^ Some people around me started crying upon hearing the song.

Kaya and Hizaki were both dressed in school uniforms. Hizaki as a girl, and Kaya as a boy ^^;; I've never seen Kaya wear pants before. And he kept showing off his underwear ^^;; (I could hear my brain silently screaming "stop Kaya, stop!!") And he is PETITE without his platform shoes XD When the show was over, Kamijo lifted him up in his arms and carried him off the stage. Kanzaki (with the help of a few others) did the same with Juka. Only slightly less elegantly XD (he sort of ended up up-side down until they gave up)

With the exception of the encore (Node of Scherzo), Juka looked happy. I was relieved this didn't turn into another tearful event. They also gave Christmas presents to some lucky fans who's tickets were drawn from a box (Did Teru choose the BGM for this part? <__<) 

And Juka finally wore something else than the Aravesque outfit :p A tight black shirt and pants, with a black coat. Jasmine wore a dark suit, and I think he looks better without all the make-up (and all the flower garden stuff he puts on his head).

But, turns out the ear that my piercing was almost ripped out of at last night's live isn't ok after all. It started bleeding again D: 

Tags: fab, juka, kamijo, kaya, live, sas

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