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Random concert stuffs • • • • • •

I really like the quality of the Moi dix Mois flyers we were given. The paper is a lot better than most flyers they stuff your bag with whenever you buy a CD. 

Oh, and forgot to mention this in my last post, but Hayato had a mohawk on Wednesday o_O Looked kinda strange.
And Seth doing the oppapi-dance was hilarious XD (You might not be familiar with this if you haven't lived with Japanese television during this fall. Maybe there are some videos up on youtube. The guy who made it famous is called Kojima Yoshio/小島よしお). I didn't know whether to laugh or go "noooo D:" I'm so tired of seeing that stuff on TV. And we were even encouraged to dance along XD Not much space to do that though. And they didn't seem to be putting much effort into hiding Seiji's Seth's shoulder/arm-tattoo. It was impossible not to see it.

Starting to think of ways to survive Monday's concert. I'm definitely bringing packed lunch and water. And I just spoke with a friend, and she got ticket number fivehundred-something... How will all those people fit in HOLIDAY Shinjuku? o.o I hope a lot of people plan on leaving early. 
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