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Unplanned concert

We weren't supposed to go to last night's Cross Gate concert, since we really do have finals to study for, but oh well...

Opening act was MASQUERADE, whom I had never heard the music of, but actually enjoyed quite a bit. After them were Siva, who definitely aren't my type of music -_- And I think it was during this band that I got jumped on again. It didn't hurt that much last night, but is extremely painful right now. I hope my toe's ok >_< I think -OZ- were on next. I liked the first part of their performance, before everying turned into screaming. But I did enjoy them more than Siva. Then it was Nega. Their drummer is a lot prettier in real life than on photos btw... Their music was somewhere between -OZ- and Siva. Not too bad, but I'm not buying their CDs.

I thought Matenrou Opera would be before Versailles, but they were followed by chariots in stead. I've seen Matenrou Opera several times already since they're at so many of the same events as Kamijo, but they were a very nice break from some of the preceding groups. But Sono... XD A really short skirt + ...angles = *thank goodness the man wears underwear* The new guitarist didn't seem as energetic as he's done at earlier concerts, but it might just be a coincidence. Then... chariots. We were standing kinda close to the stage by now since it would soon be Versailles's turn, so we had to part take in the furi and stuff even though we had no clue about what to do, since we hadn't seen them before. But it was fun ^^ And they weren't too bad either. But everyone were screaming for Riku :/ I felt sorry for the other members.

Then finally, the band that we had come for.  Versailles opened with a new song, so no one knew what movements they should do. No one seemed to know the name of the song either. I guess it's the one that will end up on the forthcoming omnibus CD. The Red Carpet Day followed, which is always a fun song live. Kamijo forgot his lyrics again!! XD Hizaki wore his new black dress from Curse of Virgo, and Teru had a punkish hairstyle, without the hat, (it was different enough to make my friends go "wtf? o_O") but other than that they looked pretty much like they usually do. Versailles's set seemed so short, though it might be because I'd been waiting for them for four hours, and had so much fun. And I don't know why they wouldn't do an encore :( The audience were clapping and calling out "encore", but the staff came out and told us to leave :/

Over all a really fun night worth skipping studies for ^_^ I wish I could go to today's show as well, especially since Kanzaki will be there, but I guess I shouldn't ^^;; 
Tags: -oz-, chariots, live, masquerade, matenrou opera, nega, siva, versailles

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