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Running into people

I seem to keep running into people by chance a lot these days O.o

Tokyo was freezing today. So much wind >_< And someone should keep me away from CD stores D: I already sent almost 40 kg of music related stuff to Europe, since I'll be going there for a while, and I am only allowed to bring 20 kg of luggage on the plane. But it's piling up again here >_< 

A couple of guys we passed on the street during our search for a place to eat dinner in Shibuya XD I thought we shouldn't bother them, but my friend wanted to ask for a picture anyway.

Miku kept muttering "寒い寒い寒い" I couldn't agree more! Wish spring would arrive soon!

We also got to see MASQUERADE, even if it was unintentionally. They were having an instore event at Like an Edison, and for some reason we were let into the store even though we didn't have tickets (we just came there to look for some CDs, but the band was standing in the way of the shelves for the CDs we wanted to buy...)

And this other musician was probably sure we were stalking him. On our way from Shinjuku station to Raika, he was walking in front of us. After we'd been to Raika we went to Closet Child, and he was there too. He left a couple of minutes before us, and after that we went back to the station to go to Harajuku. After a walk down Takeshita dori, we stopped by Closet Child there as well, and the guy was there too. By now he was looking annoyed at us, so we tried to ignore him and just buy what we came there for. Again he left a couple of minutes before us. Then we wanted to go to CC's clothing store. But who do you think was there? D: Now he practically looked like he wanted to run from us, so we turned away and found another place to go to.  
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