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Had a chaotic week, but it was fun ^_^  I'll probably not be able to write anything consistent about this, so I'll just ramble down some thoughts, and I know there are proper reviews posted elsewhere.

The Tokyo Metropolis concert at Shibuya AX on the 19th was crowded *-* And we weren't planning on getting closer to the front than 7th-8th row before Versailles went on, but as soon as Vidoll came on stage there was a powerful stagerush, and we suddenly found the distance to the stage half as short as it had been a couple of seconds earlier. I hadn't seen DuelJewel and Galneryus before, so I didn't know what to expect. During Galneryus I felt like I was at the concert of one of my father's old favourites, but they were quite good (although they did seem a bit out of place among the other visual bands). Kanoma (or is it Hitomi now?) presented his new band Moran. I was afraid he'd make the microphone stand fall on the audience (he kept tipping it/almost tipping it over, until he managed to lose grip of the microphone itself). Their outfits looked a bit on the cheap side (black cloth and striped tights). There were lose threads hanging off them.

I personally think chariots did a much better performance at Cross Gate back in January. They became a little anonymous among the other bands this time (same goes for 12012, though the audience were more energetic for their set. They (ichini) were on between Vidoll and the main act; Versailles, so this was the part of the live where everyone gathered closer to the stage and more fans started taking part in the furi etc.). I wonder if Riku hurt himself when he stage dived :3 I couldn't clearly see how he landed from where I was standing (center, and he jumped into the crowd on the right side), but it looked like he fell right through and landed on the floor. Don't know how he managed that as crowded as the live house was (the concert was sold out), but because there wasn't much room between people, he became kinda trapped among peoples' legs, and took some time getting back up.

Versailles came on with new costumes. Will Hizaki ever change the colour of his dress? X3 Jasmine is now very purple. I like Teru's costume. I'm a bit biased when it comes to blue roses, and he has a bunch of them fastened to the chest part of his outfit. ^-^ The energy for their performance was good. I think this is the first time I've heard most of the audience reply to Kamijo's "They called it..." during The Revenant Choir.

(btw, thanks for your help kochan ^^)

I went to the Madou Gathering (Mana's birthday live) on the 22nd, and we got really great tickets; number 1 and 2 *_* It's extra nice to be in the front row at a M10M concert, since that means you won't have to stand with your arms up in the air the entire time, and can rest them on the barrier if you want to (even though it also means you are the ones who have to handle most of the pressure from the rest of the crowd). While waiting for Inertia, I also met a couple of nice fans there from Mexico and Finland. The latter I actually coincidentally ended up with on the same airplane as on my way to Europe a couple of days later.

They sang "Happy Birthday" and presented a cake with blue candles. Then Mana, who was dressed in the same EGA outfit as he's modeled in the GLB before (the double button long dzile, with a white ruffled blouse), wanted to take a picture together with all of us with the cake in front. During the live they played another new song, like they had done at the Dis Inferno this winter. We also got to hear a preview of the new artist Mana is producing. I was a bit surprised that the artist didn't make an appearance though. It would have a been a nice opportunity for introducing them, but I'm sure they have their reasons for choosing not to do so. The encore that night was Pageant :D A bit strange to hear Seth sing it, but fun nevertheless ^^

1. Gloire dans le Silence
2. exclude
3. Night breed
4. new song
5. Perish
-MC, presentation of the cake, singing of "Happy Birthday", etc.-
6. Angelica
7. Immortal Madness
8. unmoved
9. Neo Pessimist
10. Metaphysical
11. deus ex machina
encore: Pageant

(the show lasted for two hours)

I was glad to see the weather clear up a bit by the end of the week. We had some rain during the Tokyo Metropolis concert, but for the Madou Gathering it was sunny and warm. I've heard both fans and Mana himself mention how it always rain on days of M10M lives, but we had nice weather both this time and for the Dis Inferno ^_^

I was also finally able to find the latest Sequence Records omnibus CD, after much searching. The guy at HOLIDAY kept trying to sell me #3 (I just wanted the CD because of Art Cube, so #3 wouldn't do me much good).  I asked him if they had #4, and he kept going "We have this! :D", handing me the other one. -__-;; 

I couldn't attend the Node of Scherzo instore event last weekend, so I stopped by Death Trap ID a few days ago to chat with the people who work there, knowing they'd show me some pictures from the event :) Why did they not use better lighting? o.o; Death Trap is small and dark, but for the Kaya instores there has at least been decent lighting to take proper photos. The NoS pics were dark. And Kamijo's hair covered most of his face, not only his left eye x) I'd still have liked to attend though, to get a closer look at the Halloween costumes.

Now there's a lot of things left for me to plan. I have an exam to work on this week, and then I'm leaving for Sweden on Saturday morning to attend Versailles's first Europe tour concert there this weekend. We'll also be going to the signing earlier on the day of the concert. My Versailles CDs are at my parents' house at the moment, so I'm glad I managed to get a copy of their new single last week so that I'll have something for them to sign. Does anyone know if they'll be signing photosets as well?? Or if it's limited to CDs? I might have missed some info since I've been living offline for over a week.
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