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Versailles - Stockholm - "I.Love...Snow :D"

Went to the Versailles/Matenrou Opera concert in Sweden this weekend. I must say I highly prefer the concerts in Japan, where you rarely get seriously hurt, but I did have a great time :) Me and you_and_mee arrived in Stockholm on Saturday afternoon, where we met Asphodel, Inertia, and some Swedish friends of them who were kind enough to guide us around the old part of the city. I hadn't been to this city before (except at the airport), but had heard a lot of nice things about it, so I enjoyed our little guided tour through the streets ^_^ And we finished the day with eating some nice pasta and chocolate mousse. With free "eat as much as you like" salad and bread :D The only problem was the jetlag ö__ö;; I felt like I was going to fall asleep any minute. Not fun.

I think this was before the rain started

The signing on Sunday was cancelled, which gave us a couple of hours extra to get ready for the concert (though the jetlag made me wake up at 5 am anyway :p). I didn't know it would be possible to leave the line outside the live house to go inside another part of the building every now and then, so that was a nice surprise because the wind was really cold. So we spent somewhere between 6 and 7 hours on walking back and forth, eating, practicing furi, talking, speculating if we should "borrow" some of the flowers from the cafeteria, trying to avoid catching a cold etc. The people in line around us were relly nice though, so I didn't mind killing some time speaking with them. I don't know how many nationalities were represented there, but apart from Swedes, there were at least people who'd traveled from Denmark, France, Japan, Norway and Spain. When the doors finally were about to be opened, staff guy handed out ear plugs to those in line who wanted them. That was nice of them. I don't use ear plugs myself, but I'm sure those who do, but had forgotten theirs at home, were happy about it. We were supposed to leave our bags and coats at a counter. It was 20 SEK per item, so we put all our stuff in one (BIG!) bag. I think the woman in charge of these things got kinda mad at us :p But they can't deny the fact that it was indeed one bag (just containing lots and lots of stuff XP)

^The Red Carpet Day

During the concert we were standing in front of Kamijo. The pushing was really bad, and I was a bit annoyed at the fact that it was hindering me from being able to focus on the band and their music for large parts of the show. I have a lot of bruises and sore bones today, but the worst pain is a throbbing headache. When the concert was over, Yuki threw one of his drumsticks in our direction (I remember thinking "no! D:" as he was turning towards us), and most people around us tried to grab it. I, and at least two of my friends, were pushed down on the floor, and a couple of us were hit by other falling people/people who were fighting over the drumstick. I don't really know what happened at this point because I blacked out for a second or two when I got hit in the head for the second time.

Anyway, I was happy to see Versailles perform a really long set list :) They did all their songs as far as I remember, plus Race Wish (Hgp) and the ballad version of Metamorphose (LAREINE). I didn't expect to hear a LAREINE song at all *__* I wasn't that surprised on Christmas Eve when Kamijo sang Fuyu Tokyo, cause that was a session event anyway, so no one were in their usual line-ups. I'm so glad Kamijo's still doing these songs ^_^ He also greeted us with a very well-pronounced Swedish "Tjänare!", along with the old "Bonjour Honey". Then he went on with saying some simple things in English about how he loves the snow and winter.... Before giving up and returning to Japanese ^^ He looked cute trying to remember the English lines.

One thing they (security or whoever) should change for the next concert, is allowing people to bring water with them. With all the people squished together and the moshing, it got uncomfortably hot pretty quickly, and already during mateope's set, people were screaming "Vatten! Vatten!" (water). Eventually a security guy would cross the room in front of us (in the gap between the stage and barrier), holding up a bottle of water and pouring some of it into the mouths of us up front. But he could only reach back to second row, and boys seemed to be overlooked (I had a couple of guys standing next to me, and they didn't get any water at all). And since security guy would keep walking as he poured the water, a lot of it ended up in our faces/hair/clothes instead of our mouths :/ They didn't even sell anything to drink outside, so all we could do when the show was over, was drink some water from the sinks in the bathroom. Security should also take people seriously when they say they're not feeling well >:( I couldn't hear what she said, but a girl next to us was obviously not feeling great. Security guy laughed at her and said something along the lines of that "it couldn't be that bad since she wasn't crying"(!) Not long after that, she collapsed and had to be carried out.

During the concert it was announced that the signing session would take place after the show (D: As much as I like the opportunity to meet them, I would prefer to have these kind of events happening before we've gotten all sweaty and grose). During the signing they were all standing on line, and Matenrou Opera were before Versailles. It seemed like a lot of people just handed MO their ticket to sign before going to Versailles with merchandise, because You (who was first in line), went all "Ah!!" on me when I handed him his picture from the photoset. The guys looked really nervous btw (I don't blame them though. I'd probably be too if I had to meet with a couple of hundred people I didn't speak the language of), and handed me back the photos as if they were made of very fragile glass or something.

Versailles were in the following order, left to right: Jasmine You, Teru, Kamijo, Yuki, Hizaki. 
Both Yuki and Hizaki greeted me with a "konnichiwa"... at midnight....ö.ô Hizaki said the same to one of my friends who was before me in line, to which she replied "konbanwa"  (good evening) considering it wasn't exactly daytime anymore, which again made Hizaki exclaim a surprised "ah! nihonjin da!"  (japanese person) x] After that he went on to play with a rose given to him; placing it first at his ear suggesting it was a piercing, before putting it on top of his head ・・・
Were we really allowed to have Versailles sign more than one item?? XD After having Jasmine sign my Versailles calendar, I gave him a CD booklet, and he looked a bit surprised and asked "Oh, that too??" . Kamijo didn't comment on it, and simply signed it before shaking my hand a second time. He held my hand a little longer than the others, allowing me to get a good look at his pale contact lense. I've wanted to get a better look at his contacts, and that's a bit difficult to do while he moves around on stage, so I appreciated the opportunity x) (Though, as I stood there, it hit me that staring at his contacts meant I was just standing there staring him in the eyes XD So I quickly moved on to Yuki then).

Teru drew me a cute little ufo ^^

I won't have the chance to attend the concerts in Germany because of school, but as soon as Friday comes, I'm off to France :)
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