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Versailles - Paris - "december twenty trrii"

Got back from France around midnight last night, and I've had such a nice time there! ^__^

My flight to Orly on Friday was delayed, so I got to the hotel kind of late, but still got to meet kurobara_natsu  before going to bed :) I wish my knowledge of the French language was a bit wider. There were several people at the station who I think asked me if they should carry my suitcase up the stairs for me, but I couldn't know for sure that that was in fact what they were saying >__< After breakfast on Saturday we headed off to Notre Dame for some sightseeing. And after a quick walk to Champs Elysées, we had to rush to Tour Eiffel to be there in time for the fan meeting at 1 pm. There we met Asphodel, Inertia, Mana (a really nice Hizaki fan who'd come all the way from Japan), and a mix of other people from various countries. We spent a couple of hours walking around the tower, eating crepes and drinking (free!) red bull from that RB car that was stalking us, before we headed off to the train station to visit Château de Versailles and the gardens. Tourists kept taking pictures of us at the castle XD

Sunday mostly consisted of queuing until the doors to the live house opened. Which was half an hour earlier than they were supposed too. Same goes for the starting time of the concert. These news though, were announced to just one small part of the line; in French only. Fortunately I had someone around to translate, but those who wasn't standing in line at all an planned to show up when the doors opened wouldn't know anything about this. (Even most of my friends who were there didn't know about it until I told them since they were in other parts of the line at the time). While waiting, one of Cure's photographers, Takaaki, was running around taking pictures of the fans. He also took a lot of pictures during the concert, so I guess we'll get to see some of them in a future issue. Inside we found a place to stand where we wouldn't be pushed that much (something which my poor rib was grateful for after some rough treatment in Sweden the week before). The concert itself was generally much better than the last one I went to. First of all I was able to enjoy the music a lot more since I didn't have to constantly struggle to breath properly, the girl in front of me even asked me if she was in the way, and it didn't end with someone falling on my head :p But the band also seemed really happy ^^ They did all their songs, two Hgp songs (Solitude and Race Wish), a drum solo, and Metamorphose again. And they did two encores (The Red Carpet Day + The Revenant Choir for the second time that evening)  :)

Did Kamijo's English pronounciatin get slightly better recently? I actually made sense of at least half of his little speach before "Aristocrat's Symphony" this time. I can't say much about his French obviously, but apparently it was understandable.

Our gifts for the two bands :)

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