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Still stuck with books on grammar and practicing vocabulary ._. But the worst exam will be over this Friday.

Changing subject; Cecir and Yuuze are both members of E’m~grief~ now. And judging by the new picture of them, Yuuze..... does not look like Mayu. At all <_< Maybe it's just this one particular photo (well, actually there are two), but his face looks really different (even considering photoshop). Don't know what they'll sound like, but I'll at least check them out when they release something. Since both Yuuze and Cecir were part of Juka's support band, it will be interesting to hear what they'll sound like in their own band. (I can't help but wonder if any of them were really supposed to be part of seventh sense... :/ )

ユーゼ, リタ, Cecir, 摩珠

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