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1 more week!

Anyone want to give me an early birthday present and get me a full length mirror that I can have in my room? The biggest mirror I currently have is in my hallway, and the lighting is bleh... I want to actually be able to see myself before I go out.

Example from today:

The dress really does have quite a bit of pattern. But with this lighting I can hardly make out the waistband >_< It makes it so hard to judge if two pieces of clothing match, because I can't see the exact shade of colour.

Some of you who are going to the A-Kon might be leaving already tomorrow, so I'll say this now: Have fun! \(^^)/ Looking forward to read both your reports, and see what the band has to write about their first trip to the US in their blogs afterwards. I hope no one will ask Kamijo who he's "cosplaying" this time ^^;; I heard he wasn't too happy with that at the last anime convention he went to.

Just a week left till I'll have finished all of my finals ^.^
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