December 24th, 2007


I don't know whether to be happy or sad T_T

I just returned from the first of the SAS X'mas events. I'm not going to write much now since I should get to bed, but anyway.. 

The live house was in the Harajuku area, and we had planned to meet some friends near Harajuku bridge and go to the live house together from there. Being dressed up resulted in a lot of people wanting to take their pictures with us, so we had some fun with that while waiting since our other friends were a bit late. When they showed up, we had to do things in a bit of a rush, with only 20 mins. left till the doors opened. Two of my friends still had to change into concert gear, so we made a detour at a fast food restaurant; then got yelled at becuse apparently you weren't allowed to change clothes in the bathrooms there. <_< But we didn't really have much choice. Then we had about 5 mins. left to find the live house, this being our first time going to FAB. But with some help from a random guy on the street, we found the line about half a minute before they started letting people inside.

The highlights for me this evening were of course Versailles, Kaya and Juka. Versailles and Juka had their usual costumes, except for Hizaki who was wearing a santa costume for part of the show. Kamijo had a santa hat, but threw it ito the crowd at the beginning of their set. He also encouraged us all to come dressed in santa outfits tomorrow night. Kaya wore the white bridal outfit from an earlier Node of Scherzo, but he had white lace tights on, not just the knee high stockings (He wore those too though). I finally got to see Psycho Butterfly live. I'd been hoping he'd perform that song in Tokyo this winter; I knew he'd been singing it during the November tour.  Juka's set was.....not so much fun T_T  I tried to prevent myself from crying when he talked about his illness. I kinda failed at that, but managed to keep myself from breaking down completely until he had left the stage. It didn't help being fully surrounded by other crying girls. To think that we'll have to go through this tomorrow as well.... :(  

Kanzaki was also there. They talked about him joining SAS, and he totally failed at pronouncing "Sherow Artist Society" XD Poor Kanzaki. Kamijo promptly corrected him.

On a random note; on our way out we ended up standing next to the same Marilyn as Jasmine's been mentioning in his blog. She really is as gorgeous as he said *_*