January 1st, 2008




The countdown live in Shinjuku was a good one for the most part. And REALLY long btw. 
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It wasn't supposed to start before 2 pm. We arrived about an hour earlier, but soon after we'd entered HOLIDAY, the first band was suddenly standing on stage. Most of the audience were sitting on the floor talking with each other, and therefore couldn't see the stage clearly. So there were a lot of confused faces when the music started playing. I have no idea who they were. They were one of the secret acts, and after they'd left I heard a lot of people around me saying "dare? dare?", but I couldn't hear anyone being able to give an answer.

Pizzcato. was....interesting XD I hadn't seen them live before. The vocalist just didn't want to stay on stage. For parts of their set he was hanging upside down from the ceiling. Then he climed on to some railing along the wall, before he started running around among the audience. And there wasn't much space for running about.... I barely managed to jump out of his way (straight into my friends; but rather that than being run down by this guy). He made the band fun to watch though ^^

The first Sherow Artists came on sometime around 11 pm I think. Kamijo did the countdown to midnight, and had me worried for a second that he'd forget the time completely while he was talking :p He held up a clock for us all to see while talking, and he talked and talked. But when there were 14 seconds left, he glanced at the clock and suggested we'd start counting. At the strike of 12 we all set off our party poppers, and then Versailles followed. Kanzaki also did one of his two songs, and he was still shaking badly, (is he really still that nervous every time he's on stage?)

The last SAS artist was Juka. He did a flawless performance, and I don't think I've heard him sing Aravesque this well before. But he was sad, and so were we, so I wasn't able to enjoy it as much as I'd have liked to. I wish he'd at least have had some other musicians on stage with him. I'd have liked to see him perform with Kazuno again, and he looked kind of lonely :/ The last words he sang on stage were Aravesque's "I promise never vanish from here"

^Hizaki's stage shower party popper that he threw into the audience. My friend caught it, and then gave it to me to make me feel better (which I did). I really appreciate her for that. (Still don't know how she managed to get hold of it. We were standing in the front, and Hizaki threw it at least back to the 4th row...)

The concert ended about... 7:15 (??) in the morning. The last band playing, EREMIA, arrived at the livehouse around 2am. We went to Lawson just outside of HOLIDAY to get some food, and saw them arrive in their van. (I think it was Satoshi driving the car, but I don't know these guys very well, so I'm judging by the way the red in his hair looked).

After the concert we walked around in Shinjuku for a while. We also got to see the sunrise btw, which was quite beautiful. But it was also extremely cold, so after a while we headed off to the train station to warm up a bit and try to get some sleep. On our way there, a rat suddenly came out of nowhere and ran across the sidewalk right in front of us.... It startled us a bit, but it was kinda cool that this would be the very first animal we saw only a few hours after entering the Year of the Rat :D Unfortunately the train station was freezing as well, but it was still better than being outside, and we got to rest a bit, huddled together on the station floor.