December 25th, 2008


~Dream of the Last Snow~

Didn't feel like writing much last night when I got home from Versailles' oneman. I think we all were a little bummed about the news of Versailles going major. I am happy for the band; it must be great for them having started their activities only last year, and already be this successful. But as a fan..... :/ I'll miss the small livehouses, the instores, joining my friends in the front rows at lives doing the songs' coreography. I hope the band won't grow too distant.

Anyway, just got back from Kaya's x'mas live which was really enjoyable ^_^ Unfortunately Lil' and Veronica didn't join him for this event, but there were lots of other guests there, including Anzi (matenrou opera), Leda (DELUHI), atsuto and Shingo (Sugar). And Kamijo was present in form of his rose from last night's live, lying on top of one of the amps XD
These guests, together with Kaya, formed the session band "Harem". (atsuto suggested they should call the band "The Kayas" (ザ・カヤース), to which Kaya went "ouch ouch ouch D:" lol, denied). Did people hear "Barairo no hibi" yet? They made it into a rock tune tonight. Why couldn't they put this version on the single instead??!!! D: It's so much better than the recorded song. 

All the regular male dancers were there, but so were six female dancers (and Aya and Kitty were not among them). The girls and Yui were the opening act, and did a short dance number before Yui suddenly started singing! :D That was cool.

At Kaya's last live people seemed to have calmed down a lot for Rose Jail. No elbows in my ribs, no jumping on my feet or fists slammed into my face. Obviously that was a rare one time experience. It was more violent than ever tonight. Paaaiin!! But at the same time it's a lot of fun, so I would never leave the front for the sake of getting less bruises :p (though I almost lost my balance this time, and I was surrounded by tall guys, so falling down could have turned ugly...)

For once I'm actually looking forward to go to HOLIDAY tomorrow, after having spent the last couple of nights at bigger venues. It will be nice to be able to sit down on the floor whenever you want, and not have any difficulty breathing because you're completely squashed between tall-guy and his even taller friend....