January 23rd, 2009


E'm #8

Tonight's live was E'm~grief~'s 8th. And wow, they have improved since last year :) The crowd really increased too. Lots of people gathered in front of the stage for them, making me unsure E'm was supposed to be band #2 after all. I've been used to no one knowing who they are up until now. 

Set list:
1. Seelenheil
2. Pains of aspiration
3. Eternal Melody

Their looks changed a little bit since their last live. Yuuze looks like he bleached his hair again, it's a very light shade of blonde now. Cecir attached a few dark dreads and black feathers to his hair, and Rita found a way of curling his hair that suits his face much better than before. And Yuuze smiled today! Unintentionally, but he smiled! :D He has a "no talk, no smile" image, so I appreciate all the onstage smiles we get.

Pains of aspiration was more fun than usual. The members have put together some coreography for it, which includes Cecir swirling around on stage. And Majyu was playing his drums while standing up. Tonight's MC was "Cecir time", for the first time since their 3rd live back in early October. He did the reading of live schedule again XD He seemed slightly less nervous than last time? When he was done reading the dates, he imideatly said "以上です" (that's all), so we didn't get the awkward silence like in October, but the crowd laughing at him was much bigger <__<; And the laughing certainly did not stop after what followed. As they were finishing their last song, Majyu started throwing drumsticks into the air, and he managed to hit Rita in the head with one of them (>__<;) That must have been kinda painful... Instead of Yuuze doing magic, the show ended with Majyu running around with a chainsaw while wearing his mask. (I don't remember if I've mentioned this earlier, but their lives always start with an instrumental intro playing while all the members are standing on stage, their faces covered by masks). As the music of Eternal Melody faded away, he pretended to cut his own throat, and the show was over.

But it wouldn't really be an E'm live if there was nothing to laugh at I guess ^^; And I'm sure it was fun for them to play in such a big place (o-east), with a bigger crowd than there is room for at the livehouses they've played at before. They certainly succeeded in entertaining people. I left the front after their set, and overheard quite a few people in the back talking about that unfortunatly thrown drumstick up until the next band came on stage.

And for those of you who might be interested in seeing what this band is like: They were filming the entire live this time :)