April 4th, 2009


Art Box~狂気と血と快楽の宴~

As you can see in the picture above, Art Cube will be releasing a new single June 17th. If I'm reading the kanji correctly, it's called Ruriame/Kougekyou. It'll have 2 new songs + 2 SE tracks (guessing intro & outro).

They played 7 (I think) songs: Suna no hana, Blue Heaven, Pain Wing, A got confinement, Shitsurakucho and a couple of unreleased songs. We were given a DVD from their December oneman as promised when we entered Rock May Kan. And I managed to not forget about the presale of tickets for the next oneman. I only noticed now that according to both the OHP and Nobu's blog, the sale would start after the live. That's what I assumed, but thought it couldn't hurt asking about them before the live started anyway. Which is probably why I ended up with ticket number 1 (・_・;) Déjà vu Kaya oneman ticket episode.

Zeta had some snake trouble today. Rem was not in the mood to cooperate, so Zeta had to give up getting her to stay on the microphone stand. She then started curling up around his neck instead. We didn't get to the point where Zeta would be crawling around on the ground gasping for his breath, but it did look uncomfortable when you're supposed to be singing, and he kept trying to pull her away. Related to the recent warm temperatures? Last summer she was all over Zeta, moving really fast. At lives during the winter, she'd often be curled up into an unmoving ball during an entire performance. So does this mean she's on her way back to being difficult to control? That'll be interesting now that's she's bigger. They should at least get a new mic stand or something where it's easier to make her stay. (Yes, I keep talking about the snake in my entries on this band. She's cool)

Juka's session band (Initial D) was also there. These were the guys participating this time around:

Juka was... not wearing leopard print x) He was dressed in his old solo project outfit. I used to be so tired of this costume, wanting him to get something new to wear. But now that he's been using the "session outfit" all the time, everywhere (not only on stage), it was nice seeing him looking somewhat like his old self again.

1. Night-ship "D"
2. new song
3. new song
4. 太陽を葬る日
5. Dearest you