April 10th, 2009


Juka @ 高田馬場AREA

It's late, I'm tired, and I have to get up at half past six tomorrow morning, but if I don't write something now I'll probably end up not writing anything at all.

Going to Takadanobaba today took foreveeer. I was 50 minutes delayed because of various train issues. I knew Juka wasn't going to appear until late anyway, so I wasn't worried about missing him, but it's still annoying waiting around various train lines and I wanted to see the band with Secilia Luna members.

Got to AREA while the first band was still playing. Don't know who they were, and the second band didn't introduce themselves, though I think they might have been Gigolo + one of the session bands. The third band was impossible not to recognize -__- I hadn't seen Anti Feminism before, but had heard enough about Kenzi (vocals) to know I'd rather avoid them. And sure enough; the guy draws a knife and starts cutting his own stomach. He also used a splintered piece of wood for the same purpose, and set fire to his arm. On the bright side(?) Shizuki, Art Cube's drummer is in this band as well. So I spent most of the set looking at him rather than the scarred and bleeding man running around in front of him.

Juka and the rest of the Initial D guys did a good set today :) Again lots of D songs (including the D flags), as well as the two new songs. My favourite is written by Ryo (guitar). It's fast paced, with good oppourtunities for gyakudai, and since thrusting yourself against the stage is lots of fun, it's a really enjoable song. (Especially at AREA, because that livehouse understands what a proper barrier should be like. It's well padded, and really thick, so it's quite comfortable compared to a lot of places). The other song is written by Juka. The beginning sounds exactly like Zephyrus. And he goes on to sing some very high notes during this song, nothing wrong with his range. (The ending is all falsetto). Juka wanted to write a song called "Initial D" too, but there wasn't enough time. Maybe it'll end up as part of a coming project?

(And we're back to leopard print again x) He has new pants though; lighter and without the glitter)