April 29th, 2009


Been a while...

Been a busy month @_@ Hadn't been able to go to Tokyo for a couple of weeks, so I enjoyed the trip to Shinjuku today. Finally got to check out the new Pure Sound store there, which looked promising. They had some really random stuff that I haven't seen in any of the other vk stores in that neighbourhood, and some of the rare CDs were cheaper than at Closet Child.

Not too happy about having to walk through Kabukicho, but that's were the live house is so what can you do....

For being a live at HOLIDAY, quite a few people showed up. But I guess both Moran and the guy from Mucc who had a session band tonight, are fairly popular. The good thing about being a fan of the smaller band is that you never have to fight much for a good spot. Though today turned out to be one of those events where people won't really allow an organized saizen for the first couple of bands. Fortunately I found a girl who agreed to give me her spot for THE VELVET (first band playing) before the "no claiming of places today D:" people came by. But I don't think even half of the row actually cared about the band. Bera (guitar) threw his guitar pick into the back. A girl picked it up and came to the front asking everyone who'd been standing in front of Bera if they wanted it, but no one did (>_<)
Oh well, they did a long set :D Just like at their last live earlier this month, they played for about 30 minutes. I hope this means they'll continue doing so at future events. Going all the way to Tokyo for less than 15 minutes of music is.... a lot of travelling for only 15 minutes <_< I should have asked them if they have any plans for their next release... They have so many great songs that so far are live only. (Don't know how many people care. Are there any fans at all among you people overseas? ^^; I feel like I'm rambling about this band no one's ever heard of every time I mention them here. It seems like a lot of people are unaware that the guys from Velvet Eden sort of continued the band after the more popular members like Dada, Kalm and Hora left. I'll just keep promoting them here in the hopes that more people will at least notice them (‘ロ‘)
Anyway, long set, BUT! no "Ride On Me" (゚Д゚) That's like a Versailles live without The Red Carpet Day, or Kaya not doing Rose Jail. It just doesn't happen! Except it... did, tonight D: That was disappointing, but I guess the rest of the set, and that fact that I was having a blast sort of made up for it. Maybe. (As long as they don't skip this song next week too).

I feel like I complained more than usually about this live. But I really did have a great time! It was Velvet's first time playing at HOLIDAY, and they looked more comfortable on stage than usual too (Well, MiMi never comes off as shy). I've had trouble making eye contact with Bera before, he's always starring at the ceiling or the walls or whatever, but he was like a completely different person at this live. He even came out to talk after they were done playing :D (Usually it's just MiMi sitting all by himself at the merch table for several hours. Seems like a boring job, but I appreciate how he's making it so easy for fans who'd like to chat or simply say hello)

(hpoor unwanted guitar pick T_T)

In other news; I need to write a haiku and a tanka by Thursday D: I know nothing about writing old style Japanese poems. I also seem to be coming down with something, which is weird, cause I never catch colds. Wonder if it'll be gone by the morning. Not a good time to get sick.