June 20th, 2009


Versailles 5DAYS

Two lives down, two more to go.
I won't be able to write reports of these Versailles lives, but I want to write something.

The 「International Night」 was fun! :D First of all, I had ticket #1, so that in itself automatically made the live pretty awesome. Though I ended up spending a lot of the time tying to avoid getting pushed into Kamijo, or getting his knee in my face every time he leaned over us. But at least I got a better look at his pants and boots than usual. Too bad I don't cosplay, cause that would have been a perfect chance to check for details.

I was surprised at how many foreigners actually showed up for this live :D Hopefully the band was pleased enough to want to repeat something like this in the future. Though we were a decent amount of people, it was still few enough for it to feel more like a private live. (and it's fun meeting more foreign fans!)

After the live was over, some people from a TV program decided to treat us for dinner and drinks ^^ Having had a busy day with traveling and going to the live, without much time for eating, a free meal sounded pretty good, even if they had to film us while eating.

As for today's 「Girl's Only」... There's a sign above the door at Rock May Kan that say "capacity: 170 people". They had sold at least 300 fanclub tickets. And then there were regular sale tickets as well (Don't know how many. At least 100?) Half an hour before the live started, the room was already getting uncomfortably hot. Halfway through the live, everyone in the front area was pretty much soaked in both our own and everyone else's sweat. Our hair was getting stuck onto other people and pulled out. I don't think I've ever felt this gross during a live, not even Versailles' live in Sweden (which was bad). And we were just girls. Tomorrow the guys will be there as well. I don't think that will make it any better D:
Fortunately everyone (at least the people around me + others I talked to) were really nice and careful during the live. No one were violent, and people seemed generally more talkative and happy tonight :)

Versailles did a couple of new songs. They're also changing costumes each night. First night was the Revenant Choir/Lyrical Sympathy outfits, second was NOBLE, and tonight was Prince & Princess. Wonder what they'll be wearing on Sunday...

Not sure if I want to stand in the middle of the hot and sweaty front area tomorrow. It seems tempting to find a more comfortable spot further back, but at the same time I know it'll probably be even more tempting to go near the stage again once I get inside the venue.... Uncomfortable or not, that is where most of the fun is to be had.