October 12th, 2010


Altar of the Spirit

Art Cube did another live with E'm~grief~ and VII-sense yesterday :) They always end those lives with fun sessions, and there's always so many familiar faces among the fans, so I really enjoy events like these. Unfortunately it might end up being the last time I get to see AC play with E'm, as the rumour we'd heard about E'm going on an indefinite activity pause turned out to be true. The only thing they'd mention before the live was that they had a big announcement. And when they announced that they would do their first oneman show in December, we thought for a second we had been wrong about the rumour. But I guess they had two big announcements, and they followed it up with saying they would stop their activities after this oneman. Although I haven't been able to follow them as regularly as I used to this past year, I've liked them a lot since the beginning, and appreciated how different their stage shows were compared to a lot of other bands. I'll miss seeing them.

Art Cube was the first band this time (I wish that would be the case more often). Setlist was as follows:
Collapse )

We got a new flyer as we entered the livehouse. This time with pictures of only the four remaining members.... It really feels like something's missing. I hope Kazune will get better and somehow be able to re-join the band, even if it takes another year. It would be so sad if we never got to see him again. We never got to say goodbye.

Anyway, the amazing Seiji cosplayer showed up again :D I cannot repeat it often enough, just how great she is. I remembered to ask her how long it took to make the costume this time; two weeks. Doing the makeup takes at least two hours every time. And she even has the piercings (Seiji has a lot of them), the tattoo (although not real), and since the store selling the ring Seiji wears (Blue stone with snake wrapped around it) is sold out at the moment and ordering it will take a couple of months, she made one herself. It looked really good.
And though I couldn't persuade her to be in the center spot of the frontrow, right in front of Seiji (that would have been fun), she accepted standing next to me, one spot right of center. I'm sure the band were happy to finally see her so close. (We've been trying hard to get her to go to the front earlier).
And she's obviously quite convincing as Seiji.... As we were leaving, she mistook the exit for the door that was leading into the backstage area. As she opened it, she realized her mistake, and was about to close it when the bandguys on the other side went "oh! come in!" XD

The session this time was E'ms song, Pains of Apsiration. For the furi, both the audience and Cecir & Yuuze wave around drumsticks (Cecir & Yuuze are actually using them on electrical drums. The rest of us just wave them to the beat). They somehow managed to fit all the bandguys on stage (Ruido K3's stage is really small and narrow. Frontrow fits five people). And instead of drumsticks, they all brought roses of various colours, which they eventually threw into the audience.

The pink one was Seiji's, and he'd sprayed it with some sort of perfume. The yellow one belonged to Yossy.

"Zeta" on the train. Our small dinner party consisted of a foreigner, a girl all dressed up in moitie lolita, and the "Zeta" above.... People were staring, lol.