November 6th, 2010




Finally another live at Takadanobaba AREA yesterday. Most of the lives lately have been elsewhere, but none of those venues really matches AREA... It was quite a long wait for THE VELVET to play. They were the last out of seven bands, and probably as bored as we were by the time they could go on stage (Playing last, they most likely had their rehearsal first, which means they'd been there for a while).

Most of the other bands were guys we'd seen before, and unfortunately not very interesting. I did however like Spinning Q Factor, but maybe more than I would have under other circumstances... They were the only other band that was different from everyone else there, and I hadn't seen them before. The vocalist in particular caught my attention, and his voice was good. I'd like to see more of them in the future, or at least check out more of their music.

It was getting cold, and we were getting hungry, but finally it was 9pm and Velvet's turn to play.
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Today we'll be going to Design Festa (huge annual international art event) :D I've never been there before, but friends of mine have, and it sounds pretty interesting. Also, looks like Velvet's staff girl will be there selling some of her own creations, so it'll be fun meeting her. Must remember to bring my camera!