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Seagulls, and Versailles' return to the US?

As I came home from work today, I'd received this message from a friend in Japan:

Versaillesが 10月 ワシントンと ニューヨークで Live

I didn't expect Versailles to return to the US already this year, despite the rumours. But I'm sure the fans on the East Coast will appreciate lives in both New York and Washington :) Unfortunately for me, this probably means I'll miss out on their US performance this time as well, as I'm expecting to be pretty busy in October. But if they can go there two times this year, I'm sure they'll return again later. Not surprisingly there is no mention of this on their OHP yet. They still haven't updated their schedule with the September concerts that have already been listed on Undercode's site for a while -__-

The news are from a weekly magazine for women in Japan (not a music magazine). Here's a small pic of it my friend sent me:

The article also has photos from their concert in Paris earlier this year.

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