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Question for those of you who are going to Anime USA to see Versailles in October, or who just happen to know anyway (Never been to a convention -__-;): What does one need to be able to attend the live and sign sessions etc.? I know I can register here, but do you need to buy a concert ticket as well? Where?

I don't know if I'll be able to go or not, but Oct. 13 is a national holiday, and if things go well, that means there's no classes that day. In that case I might be able to skip school on the 10th and leave for the US then and return to Japan on the 13th <__< I just want to know important details like these in case I find out I can go, and have to buy tickets in a rush. A friend of mine really wants me to go with her, and it would be so much fun being able to meet a couple of the people on my f-list at the convention!  :)
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