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Hellooo :D

Internet connection!!!!
Thanks to a friend I managed to get my computer connected to the internet at last :D

Been to several events during these last couple of weeks. I'll try to sum up some stuff in a few posts so this doesn't turn into a tl;dr too fast.

I thought about skipping the live at NARCISS on the 6th, since getting home from Urawa could easily become a pain, and I didn’t want to risk having to pay 12,000 yen for a cab if I didn’t make it to the last train in time for a band that isn‘t Versailles.. But I’m really glad I went anyway, cause most of the bands were very enjoyable (I hadn’t seen any of them before).

Leaving my apartment around 12 (noon) I thought I had lots of time to get to Urawa (doors opened at 4 pm, start 4.30). I prefer not having to run to get somewhere in time in this heat and humidity. But then my cellphone had some trouble with Suica, and I had to make a stop at the local au store to get it fixed. And because of this I missed the 1 o’clock train by 2 minutes >__< So I had to wait at the train station for another hour before the next train came, and I suddenly did not have lots of time after all <___< But I somehow managed to get to NARCISS 10 minutes before the live started.

Ckroll were 1st. I loved them :D The vocals were better than your average visual band. I don’t know how this is reflected on CDs, but live, the vocalist was really good, and I'm writing this as a reminder to myself to check out some of their releases.

GARDEN was also a nice new discovery. Ended up buying some photosets from them when the band came out to talk to us after playing.

The SkullFuckRevolvers uses parts of songs from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare before Christmas”. The vocalist visually fitted this, with his cane and top hat (which for some reason had spoons attached to it). He threw some chocolate to the crowd, and put some of it in his own mouth to melt it before smearing it all over his face D: That was just nasty. This band, though not bad, was probably the one I enjoyed the least. Of course, after their set the vocalist came over to me and handed me an enquete and wanted me to fill it out. Having him hanging over me did not make being honest any easier <__< And I ended up stealing his pen… He gave me a pen to fill out the enquete, but before I was finished, the room went dark as the next band came on stage. And after that I couldn’t find him again and forgot all about it. Free pen! x)

Cinema S’Trip was the band with most fans tonight, and also had the most energetic performance. Compared to Ckroll who only had 6 girls standing in front of the stage, with the rest of the people sitting on the floor further back, at least ¾ of the audience were now jumping around, pumping their fists in the air. They played some Kazoku-ish stuff, which made me happy ^^ But a couple of the band members looked as if they went on stage in a hurry. One of them, think it was the bassist, looked like he had forgotten to shave that morning, and the vocalist had foundation smeared all over his shoulder. 

Aoi has become a living shampoo commercial. His hair is so long and fluffy now :3 And he kept swaying his head back and forth as if to show it off. Aoi’s voice was with out a doubt the most powerful of all the acts. And he knew it. His singing was accompanied by a group of support musicians that he introduced during the evening’s longest MC (and then got one of these to introduce him, commenting he thought it a bit weird to do this himself)

The only band I have the set list for; Croix Chevalier:
1) 月が翳り二人の影が重なる夢
2) Treaumerei
3) #666
4) moon night party

This was the weekend with lots of rain and thunder storms, so I had to run to the train station since I managed to leave home without an umbrella. But I made it back home dry and without having to pay for a cab.

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