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Versailles インストア

The Versailles instore was fun despite having to wait in the rain for a while…

I arrived in Harajuku together with [info]you_and_mee a little before 4 pm. Walking to Death trap-ID, I was greeted by Mana, who was obviously very happy to see me :) (she yelled “Janetto-san!!!“ and came running and jumped right into me. Did someone not notice my arrival? lol) I hadn’t seen her since the concert in Paris in April, so I had been looking forward to meet her again. Her number was a lot better than ours though, so we went over to inertia and stood in line with her further back. Then hell descended upon us (・__ ・)  We’d had really nice weather for a week, but not long after lining up, the rain started pouring down HARD. We tried to keep the water away with the help of umbrellas, but gave up in the end and left the line (or what was the line, until the entire line left the line…) and took shelter in a nearby building. Some guy from Death trap’s staff went and bought new, big umbrellas for us.

We did get to take our pictures in the end though, without looking completely messed up. My friend’s camera seemed not to be working, so she got to take another couple of pictures with Hizaki, but then found out later that her camera had taken the first pics anyway, so she ended up with 4 x] And chatting with  Mana after the event, she told me she’d spent her time with the band talking about.… me o_O; Yeah, that’s not embarrassing at all. And this had been right before I met them that day, without knowing about them hearing my life story or something not long before x)

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