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ウンコ x 7 ~ vol.6

[info]dark_slayer joined me for the live in Takadanobaba on the 12th, but I lost track of him after the first act, so I ended up spending most of the time with Mariko. She had chocolate. Thank goodness! This turned out to be another one of those days where I do stuff the entire time, and keep thinking “I’ll eat later” and end up forgetting all about it until I notice I’m starving at the end of the night. Chocolate was appreciated.

Getting back home was bad D: I live retardedly far from Takadanobaba, and the guys I came to see were first and last, so I had to stay for the entire show. Which means I did not make it to the last of the four trains I need to take to get back home from Tokyo. But what made it really uncomfortable was the headache, and that I became extremely nauseas just as I stepped on the 2nd train :/ I felt like I was just about to throw up for the following two hours. Didn’t get home until 1 am.

I was planning on taking notes for the live, but failed because of the headache. All I could do was sit on the floor in between performances and hope Unzu would get on soon. But I managed to scribble down the order in which the bands appeared:
1) Team “SEYANA”
2) Jungiku
3) cRosz
4) Rosario
5) SectMa
6) モダン組曲
7) as.milk
8) うんず

Team “SEYANA” had Sakurai Yuki (rice) and Mym (GaGaalinG) on vocals. They played covers, Kuda Komi’s “Won’t be long” among others. Yuki is one of those guys who loves to make a complete fool of himself on stage, and it’s incredibly fun to watch :) I’d been wanting to see him for ages (big Raphael fan).

Jungiku; at least I think that’s their name… <__< If they announced their name, I missed it, and I’m not a 100% sure that’s how you read the kanji… Anyway, it was another session band who did covers of various songs, sung by toki from ZEXER. I did NOT expect to hear a MALICE MIZER song O__O They did “au revoir”, and my brains went “yay! :D”  It was also these guys who did 千の風になって and the ポニョ theme song as well. That was weird.

I found cRosz a bit boring among the other acts. It was also during their set that my head began to indicate that it wanted me to go home, so that certainly did not make it more fun :/ Mariko’s a fan of them though, so I tried to stay happy and energetic joining in on the furi. The vocalist was more shy than the others performing that night, and seemed almost surprised when we applauded his performance.

Don’t have much to say about Rosario other than that I liked them. Coincidentally I’d been talking about them with a friend the night before, and remembered they were going to be at this live, so I was curious to hear if they were good live or not.

SectMa. One of the guitarists, Akira (?), was chewing gum during the entire set :/ You’re not supposed to chew gum when you’re on stage….!

During モダン組曲 my headache was increasing. I tried to keep up with the choreography, but kept zooming out. We were starting to run out of time, so their set was really, really short. So was as.milk’s, and the vocalist kept going ”blablablablaWe don’t have much time!!We’ll talk more tomorrow!!” But I got to enjoy these guys' performance a bit more than the last time I saw them, which was at the countdown live last winter. They kinda disappeared among the 72346 other bands playing that night, plus they were on right before the Sherow acts, so we were busy getting to our spots in the front.

Unzu! I was looking forward to this, since not only would it be Yuki, but he’d be joined by both Aika (愛歌) and Daishi (天照) (there was also Kikasa from Due’le quartz). I found myself wanting to ask Daishi where he got his shorts, cause I want a pair like that x)  (not the way too small shiny thing; he was wearing something else). They did a few Unzu songs, the highlight being "Tegami" I think, and ”S.O.S” for encore. Yuki got most of the crowd to take part in movements, which caused the temperature inside AREA to rise a lot. It had been comfortable up until then, but suddenly the floor was steaming. Both me and Mariko looked at each other and uttered a simultaneous ”暑い“, and then the live was over

The unzu guys for this version of the session band:

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