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I don't feel like writing details right now

Did Zeta/Seth always have all those curls and I just didn't notice? o_O I went to one of Art Cube's lives the other day, after bugging Shizuki for live information for a while since they're slow with updates. And Zeta's hair looked sort of bad... No, actually it looked really, really awful. It kept distracting me. Even Rem got stuck in it at some point.
I'd been hoping they'd do "bad ass cube" because that's a cool song, but had to settle for a good performance of "Suna no Hana" and "Pain~ Wing・・・" They also did another song in between these that I hadn't heard before. I'd like to know when we'll get a full album with all those songs they have previews of up on their site. Rem kept wriggling about and Zeta had to go to the side of the stage every now and again to adjust her position since she was falling down or kept hitting him in the head/face with her body (she's faster than she looks).
I really wanted them to come out after their performance so I'd get the chance to talk some more with them, but no such luck. The vocalist of AibeLL was all over the place though; running back and forth between back stage and the merch tables. They're one of those "cute bands", aka there's a lot of jumping and waving of arms during their set, which is fun (^_^) No giant snake though.

Today (or rather yesterday by now) was the day of the Visual Olympics. The bands performed in the following order:
1) chariots
2) Vidoll
4) jealkb
5) Versailles

I expected PENICILLIN to be last, but didn't mind being wrong since this gave us the opportunity for a Versailles encore. They did Aristocrat's Symphony, Shout & Bites, After Cloudia, The Red Carpet Day, Sympathia and The Revenant Choir.
Lol at the arm waving for Sympathia's chorus, and at trying to do the diving and headbanging in high heels on uneven ground without a barrier or lots of people to hold on to x) Before the encore Kamijo announced the new name of the band, but pointed out they would still be "Versailles" inside Japan. There was a guy with a huge camera filming at least parts of their performance. Kamijo was making weird faces right into it (or maybe just his usual "I AM KAMIJO!"-faces, but they're still weird)
Amazingly enough it didn't rain! :D

After the live, the girls from Danger Gang were standing outside the entrance handing out flyers. That one girl who looks/sounds like a guy (Hiko?), has what looks like an adam's apple... Even standing right next to her, I'd never guess she's female. One of the guys from EREMIA (don't know their names, sorry) was standing all alone in the shadows with his bunch of flyers... Maybe not the best way of doing it?

Got some weird edible stuff from Mana today as well. Something she bought for me in Osaka this weekend when she went there for Versailles' live. That was nice of her :) Then she told me she'd given the band a letter. About me o__O;;; I'm sort of glad it'll be a while before I see them again x) And I ran into Paulina, whom I met at the Sweden show in March, too :) It's always fun to unexpectedly meet familiar faces.

Mini-okonomiyaki from Osaka :D

Btw, if anyone who doesn't yet have my new cellphone e-mail address wants it, let me know. I have my cellphone with me more often than my computer so I'll be easier to reach that way. Especially if you want to meet up at concerts, since I might not be able to read my computer mail the day of the show.

lol, Takamizawa Toshihiko is the add guy for a DS game on TV

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