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Kaya oneman

A typhoon will be hitting the Kanto area tomorrow, but it's been raining pretty badly tonight as well. I just got home from Kaya's tour final oneman, and am completely soaked >__<

It's been aaaages since the last time I went to a Kaya oneman... They have improved :D Last time it only lasted for a little bit more than an hour (including a 10 min. break), but this time the show went on for two and a half hour, and we also got some entertainment to watch while waiting for Kaya to come on stage. Ryoshin and Hiroyuki had some fun dancing, and Lil' and Veronica both danced and talked for a while.

Kaya came on stage wearing the black dress that looks like the one seen on the cover of CURE magazine, but has more details on it, and less covreed arms. I was surprised at the amount of songs he did, and he finally did Paradise Lost again ^^ Don't really have much to say about his singing since that was top notch. He didn't sound off like he's done a few times this past year. Being a Phantom of the Opera fan, I liked the intro for Masquerade quite a bit :) A sound clip from the musical was played in the background (the "Masquerade" part, of course), and then Kaya entered as "the Red Death", wearing the red rose dress and holding a mask in front of his face. Between the costume change, a video version of Kaya's discography was shown on a big screen at the back of the stage. Lots of video footage from various lives that hasn't been released on DVD. There's always someone filming his lives (tonight as well), so they must have a lot of footage just lying on some shelf at the moment.

For the first encore he changed into the school boy outfit shown in the picture above. Then, for Hydrangea and Rose Jail, he was wearing a white ruffled shirt, and tight black pants (and his platform boots). These outfits make me think he should drop the feminine stuff alltogether. I'd much rather see him dressed like this more often than in skirts and dresses. Looked like he'd had a few bottles of water emptied over his head before entering the stage for the last encore. His hair was wet, and so was the white shirt. Not a-little-water-here-and-there wet; but see-through-sticking-to-the-body wet. He had kept a bit of distance from the audience up until then, so I was glad he did the "touch me! let me touch you!" thing for Rose Jail, though it felt kinda akward stroking his arms and upper body when he was soaking wet.

There was also confetti raining down for Glitter Arch! I love confetti! :D It got stuck everywhere though. I even found some inside both my dress and shoes when I got home x)

OCHI :D  ↓

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