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Where are the チェキ when you need them??!

The police have been patrolling the neighbourhood constantly for several days now. Last Sunday a five year old girl was found about 10 minutes from my apartment, left by the roadside, dying. (As far as I know, she was still alive when they found her, but unconscious and it was too late to save her). They still haven't found the person who killed her :/
On a less grim note, the kids playing outside my window are running around imitating Daigo Stardust. It's cute (^^)

I thought I would spend Friday night at home, relaxing, since I have to get up kinda early on Saturday (which is today, seeing as it's past midnight already). But a couple of days ago I randomly noticed THE VELVET and Sito Magus were having another live together at Takadanobaba AREA, so... why not?

電影グラマァ (video glamour) opened the show. I felt sorry for these guys. We were about 20 people there, and none of us had come to see this band. The vocalist was very clearly nervous during the MC, and not getting anything but silence from the crowd didn't make it better. The longer the guy talked, the more did his voice shake. He talked a bit about their newly released single, and said they were going to work in the studio recording the entire weekend. At least he didn't let the nervousness and low respons from the audience affect the rest of his performance, which was quite good.

After 25 minutes of Video glamour, the crowd doubled. Two people with video cameras also showed up to film the following band; 音影 (otokage). The visual style of this band was a mix between traditional Japanese/Chinese stuff and..... something. Slightly weird and not my style of band at all, but definitely the most popular act of the evening, with lots and lots of custom furi. There was also a group of male fans in the front for this band (or rather the bassist). That's kinda rare.

After Otokage was done, everyone left D: We were suddenly down to 10 people. Poor ネス (Neth) who'd travelled all the way from Osaka. There was a total of two girls standing in the front for them (one for each of the guitarists)... These guys would have been so much fun to headbang and dive to, but not knowing the choreography, I didn't really want to stand in the front with so few people there.

Fortunately some more people came for THE VELVET. This is what's left of Velvet Eden these days, but their music doesn't sound much like the stuff with Dada. Their visual style is still somewhat similar though. The intro and outro for their set was Edward Scissorhands music :D An instrumental from the movie was played, and then the curtain was drawn back revealing MiMi (the vocalist) standing in the dark holding a lit candle. Their set had a totally different atmosphere from the preceding bands. I was hoping they would have some new photosets for sale of MiMi's current look, which is amazing. Black curls and aristocrat outfit, complete with a miniature hat.

Sito Magus followed. I knew they'd be on ten past eight since they'd sent me an e-mail about it last night, so I didn't have to worry about them being last, which would have made me miss the train back home. They're so old fashioned :D There aren't that many visual goth bands left. And it hit me really how similar Sybila (vocals) is to Juka (especially the Moi dix Mois era). Not in voice and looks, but the way he performs. His whole body language. It would be fun to see them on stage together, just to see them mirroring each other :)

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