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Going to Harajuku this morning, our goal was to find a certain gallery. We were walking around for I don't know how long, but never managed to find the place (>_<) But people-watching was fun too I guess. The guys from qow*Lon were handing out flyers to people passing by, but no one were accepting them. So I thought I'd be nice and get one from the member standing nearest, and he reacted with a "oh! sankyuu!!" when I took the flyer from him x) Just the way he said it made it sound like they'd been standing there for hours without succesfully giving out any flyers at all. And then I felt bad for them, so I'm posting their link here.

Not finding that place in Harajuku, we ended up spending most of the rest of the day at Marui One in Shinjuku. (I'm not sure if I think having Jesus Diamante, Moitié, Baby etc. all at the same place to be a good thing or not...)

Halloween is coming up, so naturally there's been orange and black banners and pumpkins all over Japan since September. Several stores at OIOI were giving out candy, even if you didn't buy anything.

Is anyone who's reading this, going to this event?:

I don't want to go by myself D:   x)
It also almost collides with another event I'm going to that day, which I don't want to be fully dressed in Moitié for, so I haven't quite decided on what to do yet. I could combine them, but then I most likely wouldn't have time to change clothes in between.  

I forgot what I intended to write in this entry, letting this turn into just random stuff, so here; have some purikura instead
Tags: harajuku, mana, moitie, oioi, purikura, random, shinjuku
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