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Kamijo wearing cheap looking t-shirts, and other fun happenings

^That be PPP's fantastic logo....
The show started with one of the PPP guys + Kamijo entering the stage. Wearing shirts with that logo on it. At least Kamijo had tried to make it slightly more elegant by cutting a V-neck into it, but still..

The bands who played:
1. PPP (Közi session band)
2. Sel'm
3. Black:List
4. Dio
5. chariots
6. Versailles

I never thought I'd get to see Közi perform on stage. When Kamijo announced that "MALICE MIZER's guitarist would be there tonight", there was a lot of screaming from the people around me, so he's obviously still popular among many of the girls. He was wearing a long brown wig, and a red hat, and the PPP t-shirt. During the first song he was also wearing sun glasses, but fortunately took them off for the rest of their performance. He looks exactly like he did 10 years ago? o_O He seems to have stopped aging. (and random fact: he used a very plain, black guitar). Their music wasn't particularly memorable.... It could have been worse, but it could have been better too. But it's still cool to see Közi live. And looking at their flyer after the live was over, I saw their next live will be at O-west on November 4th. I already have a ticket to see Kaya there that day, so I guess I'll get to see Közi again too.
Tonight, one of the PPP guys came out on stage carrying a bottle of water in his hand. He would walk around among the other members, and every now and then put some water in his mouth and spit it out again. That's all he did... o_O 
I was surprised to see some of Közi's solo works lying on the merch table. They were selling a couple of his releases that I know are very hard to come by these days, and people fight over them at auctions. At least we know they're not completely out of print then.

Versailles looked like they were having lots of fun today :D Kamijo in particular; he was smiling his way through their entire set (except for that one part of the MC when he was talking about Rentrer...) Yuki was, if possible, even more into his drumming than usual, especially during zombie. He's fun to watch ^^ Hizaki was the only one who I had difficulties in seeing whether he was enjoying himself or not, as he didn't show too many facial expressions... But he doesn't smile that often while performing anyway. They did SUZERAIN, The Red Carpet Day, zombie, PRINCE, Antique In The Future, and After Cloudia. During the guitar solo of the last song, Kamijo was mouthing something (I think that's what he was doing..) But it made him look like he was repeating this face ->  :-O over and over XD And unfortunately we made eye contact as he was doing it. I stood there thinking *don't laugh! don't laugh! don't laugh! just smile and pretend he looks normal! o__o;;;* It looked absolutely ridiculous x) (but I managed not to laugh him in the face this time, unlike at Tokyo Metropolis back in March...)
There was a gorgeous Jasmine You cosplayer there tonight as well x_x I wish I could have taken a picture with her, but by the time I'd gotten my bag (containing my camera) from the coin lockers, she was gone. We'd seen her while waiting outside the live house earlier, and it took a while before we could determine whether it was cosplay or the real thing.

They were selling Versailles' new photobook, as today was the day of it's release. I already ordered mine online (and it came while I was out today, so I'll have to wait some more to get it), but a friend of mine bought a copy, so I got to look through it on the train back home. It has some great photos, and I especially like the off stage ones ^^ I was relieved to see my face was not in there, but I did see a couple of friends :)

I doubt I'll be able to go to any of the November tour dates >_< so it'll be some weeks before I get to see the band again. I really hope they'll have more lives scheduled in the Tokyo area after New Year's.
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