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Headache, fever, no food, and hours of headbanging - sounds good no?

This definitely wasn't the perfect day to go to a live. I've been feeling crappy and feverish all week. But why let that stop me from going to a place where you'll be jumping and headbanging for five hours straight? (@__@;) Also, because of an accident, my train got delayed. For me, going to Tokyo means spending a couple of hours on at least four different trains. The accident was related to the first of those four trains, which meant I missed the second one, and therefore also the third and fourth one (-__-) I had left home a bit earlier than necessary because I wanted to get some food before the live started, but now I didn't get time to eat either.

Anyway....... tonight's lineup:
2. ALiBi
3. Black:List
4. AibeLL
5. 平成維新 (heisei ishin)
6. SectMa
7. Megaromania
8. 己龍 (kiryuu)
9. ClearVeil

And since I still feel like crap, I'll just write about a few of the bands, so that I can go to bed. Sorry if parts of this end up not making sense.

DI3SIRAE didn't do an introduction, and I'd never seen them before, so if it hadn't been for the flyer we were given before the show started, I'd have no idea who they were... But these guys really gave their all during the performance. They were only on for 20 minutes, but there was choreography for every part of all their songs. (which = fun! :D ) I can't quite decide whether I like the vocalist's voice or not. It seemed a bit off, but there was still something interesting to it. During their first couple of songs I found their music to be too much noice and screaming for my taste, but then it grew on me, and I enjoyed the last part :)

ALiBi! You can't help but smile yourself as you watch these guys, especially Kai (vocals). I don't think he stopped smiling at all while they were on stage, nor when they came out to sell merch after they were done. And it didn't look forced at all. Each of the members had their own mic stands decorated with glitter and the band logo in the colours each member is represented by, and Kai was waving around a (very home-made looking) stuffed animal in the shape of a black ant. During their set, he (Kai) almost fell off the stage twice! He lost his balance as he jumped on to that box that's often placed near the edge of the stage, in front of the vocalist. When they were done playing, the guitarist and bassist took their time giving handshakes to several of the girls in the front.

AibeLL were one of the bands I was there for. Seen them before, and really enjoy their performances. As they came on stage, the guys standing next to me shouted "Awww! Cute!!" That was a surprise. Guys are rare at these types of vk lives, and it's even rarer if they give signs of life. There was also a photographer taking pics of the band. Mr. Prince Su (I love the name of the vocalist XD ) and Saku (guitar) came out to sell merch, and stayed out for the rest of the live. That was cool of them. 

I mainly went to this live for Megaromania. For those who haven't heard of them; this is the new band of Sui and Misery from Metis Gretel. I'd seen Metis several times since they were part of Sherow Artist Society. Never cared much for their music, but I liked them as a live band. They were fun to watch, with all their colours :3
Now I feel sorry for not seeing Megaromania earlier. They were, simply put, great! I liked them a lot more than Metis Gretel, and will definitely try to catch more of their lives! Sui's voice sounded improved, and their general sound seemed...richer. Unfortunately they played the shortest set of all the bands tonight (and all the bands I ever remember seeing o__O)
I wanted to mention lots of things regarding this band, but I was just so busy having fun with furi and stuff during the short time they played, so I don't have any interesting details to write about (^^;) I guess what I want to say is: if you'd like to go to a smaller vk concert while you're in Japan; check out these guys :D
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