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Jishuban club 10th anniversary vol.1

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Have to study for a few tests before going to bed (and it's already 1:35 am x__x;), so I'll just mention a few things:

Kaya announced some more details on his forthcoming single. The first song, the sad ballad, is called Last Snow. He sang this song tonight, and it's quite beautiful. I find it hard to describe ballads, since they're usually fairly slow, and...similar to each other. But compared to Silvery Dark, this ballad had a bit more variation in the ways Kaya sings (going from deep voice to really light voice - at least the live version of it was like that + the melody had a part where it sped up a bit).
The second song is a rock tune (a large part of the audience went "eeeeeh??!" as he said this), and the third song is gothic trance. He updated his website with the name of all the songs.

I knew there would be a pre-sale of tickets for Kaya's Dec. 24th Christmas live today. But as we arrived at the merch tables (which was located outside today), the tickets were nowhere to be seen. So I asked the girl in charge of the merch if I could buy one. She seemed unsure, but in the end got the tickets out from under the table, and gave me one. I was surprised to see that it was ticket #1 (of the non-fanclub tickets) o_O I thought I'd have to make more of an effort to get such a good number. Then, during the live, Kaya said we could buy pre-sale tickets only AFTER the live was over XD The sales girl obviously made a mistake, but it made it a lot easier for me :D

P.S. zeldana, they had both of the shonen photosets tonight, and the phone strap :)

They were giving away signed postcards with some of the Közi merch: (there's a picture of the guy on the other side of the card)

PPP gave their second performance at this live. Közi wasn't as covered up by clothes and hair as last time. He wasn't wearing a wig, and was simply wearing the (amazing) PPP t-shirt (I'm not sure if he had something long-sleeved underneath it, or had attached a pair of black sleeves. They looked attached...), and a weird skirt-thing (possibly with pants as well, but I wasn't standing in the front for them, so I couldn't see the bottom part of his legs). They did covers, including a Foo Fighters song. (I couldn't recognize any of the songs they did, but a friend informed me that one was by FF). The way Közi performs is still a lot like the MALICE days. Still the same facial expression and movements. And we also found out the random water spitting guy from their last live was in fact their manager.. He did some of the singing today, and I think I'd prefer him to stick with the job of managing... Their actual vocalist was wearing a backpack during their entire performance. That looked a bit strange.
^sorry, this is a bit random and inconsistent. I'm sick and tired, and still have those tests to study for (>__<)

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