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Jishuban club 10th anniversary vol.3

E'm~grief~ had their fifth live tonight. Most of the crowd didn't know them too well, and the reaction of people around me after E'm was done with their first song was something along the lines of "LOL, what the heck did we just watch?" But after two songs, the vocalist announced that today is the band leader, Yuuze's birthday. And then he sang "Happy Birthday" and Cecir brought in a cake decorated with strawberries and one big golden candle. Yuuze played surprised and cute, and parts of the crowd seemed to take a liking to him. When the MC was over, and they played their last song of the evening, Eternal Melody, a lot more joined in on the furi.
And I'm not the only one who's reminded of MALICE MIZER when watching these guys live. After they were done, I heard quite a few people around me saying things like "They're like Malice!", "Their clothes looks like Malice Mizer's", "The leader is a lot like Mana, isn't he?"

Like at Tuesday's live, in between bands' performances the host of the jishuban anniversary lives came out on a small side stage and talked a bit about the aritists, and would ask members of the bands to come out for a short talk. After Rentrer en Soi were done playing, the host and Rentrer's drummer talked for a while. I wasn't really paying much attention to what was being said, until we were suddenly told to call Kisaki's name. So we did, and Kisaki came out on stage as well. He looked uncomfortable standing in front of us talking, so it was cool of him to actually come. On Tuesday, at least one member from each band came out after playing, but today there had been several bands who didn't want to do it.

Last week was You's (matenrou opera's bassist) birthday, so another cake was presented. This time in the shape of a bear (I think. They were holding it kinda high above my head, and on the other side of the stage from where I was standing). The three members who can move around while playing, did so a lot. So no matter which side of the stage you were standing on, you'd get to see them all up close several times. I think I mentioned this the last time I saw the as well, but I'm so happy for them seeing how comfortable they are with being on stage now, and interacting with the fans, compared to less than a year ago :D I also saw a lot of new faces among the people standing in the front for them tonight. AND, people started calling for encore even though opera wasn't the last band playing.

they were selling cheki :)

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