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レム (and her band)


I knew I should have put on some leg warmers or thick stockings or something this morning. HOLIDAY was freezing today (>_<) I heard bandman upon bandman say how "it's cold outside today, but in here it's warm". Meanwhile, I put on my scarf, wrapped my wintercoat around my legs, and withdrew my hands into my sleeves. And it was still cold. I just generally don't like HOLIDAY much. It does not help that it's located in the middle of host club town D: I had hosts running after me today. They were running because I sped up. Maybe I should have started running as well, and then we would all have run down the street together. One guy totally freaked me out by sneaking up behind me and suddenly whispering into my ear (<__<) Scaring me is not gonna increase your chances of getting me to join you. 

There were lots of bands lined up for today's live. (11!) Sarieli were first. Apart from the band I came for and RED universe, I probably enjoyed this group the most, enough to want to buy a CD, but apparently all they have is a free distribution thingie. They're still a very small band, and there was 1 devoted fan among the entire audience today x) I'm glad that didn't stop her from shouting the members' names, since the rest of us didn't know them.

They were followed by pop'n'-roll.3rd. These guys kind of gave an impression of "hey! you play guitar right? and you're pretty good on drums. let's do a live together!! :DD" It was all so.....random. There didn't seem to be any consistency in the furi, as if the vocalist just made it up as he went along. So I was fascinated by a couple of girls who obviously knew what they were doing. After a while the guitarist commented on how many of us were sitting in the back, and how few there were standing in the center front. This resulted in the vocalist taking the mic stand with him and climbing over the barrier. He was now standing in the crowd area (I say 'area' because just 'crowd' implies there was one). At first he looked like he regretted doing so, but a group of girls quickly gathered around him as he sang, making it less embarrassing for him. I wish more artists would do this. It was cool :D

A bit hard to keep track of the names of bands you're not familiar with, but I think kelli were on before Art Cube (who were band #9 today). When they were done with their first song, and the fans are supposed to raise their hands and maybe shout the names of the members, all they got instead was laughter. The vocalist's lashes were on their way down his cheek. He took them off and threw them into the audience. I couldn't help thinking about the difference in a Western crowd and this crowd. I have no experience with American lives, but in Europe there would probably have been a fight among fans to get those fake lashes. But the reaction here was "eww!" *jumps away*

I was relieved to see the lolitas and older people gather closer to the stage a little before 8 o'clock, which meant I'd get to see Art Cube without having to worry about the trains back home :) And thank goodness; Zeta got rid of those awful curls D: He reminded me of an elderly lady with his hair like that, but today the back of his hair was straight, and in a sort of upwards ponytail (yes, it's difficult to explain). The stage lighting was a lot better this time around. Before, I couldn't see Shizuki at all. Once or twice I'd see a drumstick, but everything else would be black. Tonight I saw him as clearly as the others :)  They also played a longer set this time: "Pain~ Wing・・・", two unreleased songs I don't know the names of, and "You're here". My first thought was *did he kill Rem? o_O* She's been so active before, constantly moving, hitting Zeta in the head with her body etc. But today she was just hanging there. I saw her tounge flicker once! But by the end of the last song she woke up a bit more, and started moving around, ending up wrapped around the mic stand, with a perfect pose as the song ended, her head lifted towards the audience. (Can you train a snake to do this? It looked so perfect)
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