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LAVERITE's last live (for now)

So I traveled to the other side of the world Saitama again for a live at NARCISS...

The opening band was called "Session monostone's". I wasn't familiar with the name, so I thought it would be just another random indie band I didn't know. But as the members came out on stage, I knew I had seen these guys somewhere before... And sure enough, monostone's guitarist and bassist = Croix Chevalier's members. But I like Croix, so I certainly didn't mind.

*5 more bands played*

LAVERITE... (now I'm scared to write anything because Jimi has this amazing ability to understand the English language). They were last tonight. Normally I'd prefer the bands I'm there to see to play earlier because of that collective bedtime when it comes to trains going back home, but as tonight was Yue's last performance with the band, I thought it was nice that they got the chance to be called out for an encore. 
I had heard some of the band's recorded music from earlier this year, and I'll be honest; some of it I've liked, some of it is OK... But live, they were AWESOME :D Their sound definitely improved since those songs were recorded, and it really was worth the three hours it took me to get to the livehouse. I had so much fun, but now I feel really sad there won't be any more lives in the near future :/ I hope all three members will have fun with whatever projects they choose to continue with. And Jimi, if you're reading this: you're fun to watch :D It's so obvious that you're enjoying what you're doing. Keep it up! (and please post some info about those session lives somewhere)

Now I seriously need to get some sleep (It's past 3 am >_<) I just felt like writing something again since it's been a couple of weeks since the last update.
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