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Getting up early this morning was horrible >_< I wish my favourite artists would keep their lives scheduled to weekends or holidays. I had fun last night though. Juka did a good performance, and it was nice to hear that his voice hasn't suffered from the polyps :) He hit some really high notes during one of the songs, and didn't seem to have any difficulties doing so. And[info]kochan already mentioned this, but Juka said he won't be doing any more lives this year, but that he will be starting a new band sometime after New Year's.

This is what he looked like:

I also enjoyed the performance of the other session band; Bloody†Scraid (with members from bands like EREMIA and Metis Gretel). Unexpectedly, they covered a LAREINE song  (^^) Weird hearing someone elses voice than Kamijo's, but still cool! The song they did was 道化師の舞曲 (Doukeshi no Bukyoku).

It was nice seeing so many familiar faces there too :) I hadn't seen [info]kochan since Kaya's live in early November. (nice meeting you again! I'm glad you managed to get there in time for Juka). Inertia brought chocolate she'd bought in America while she was there for Thanksgiving <3 Got to say hi to Jimi, though he had to leave early as he is working today. And thanks to [info]amiyu we didn't have to struggle to avoid hosts, going through Kabukicho on our way back to the train station :)

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