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Art Cube's 1st oneman @ 目黒鹿鳴館

I thought about not going to this live, because everything is twice as expencive as it used to be nowadays, and because I've been so extremely tired this week (I blame having to get up before 5am last Sunday >_<). But I am GLAD I went anyway, cause this was one awesome oneman. I was so impressed with the band. For a first oneman, Art Cube put on a perfect show, and I can't imagine how many hours of rehersal and planning it took. The stage was decorated with branches, lanterns and lit candles, and it created a really nice atmosphere as it's a very small stage (and live house in general).

I wish they'd introduce more of their songs before playing them, so that it would be easier to learn which is which. The only ones Zeta introduced were "Blue Heaven" and "Shitsurakuchou". They started the show with "Suna no Hana" and "bad ass cube" (finally they did this song), and ended it with "you're here...".  They definitely have enough songs for a full album, so I hope that's the release they will focus on now. Rem was only on stage for the first few songs. No sign of the other snake. Art Cube were of course using their new costumes today, and they look kinda strange in real life.... x) You can't really see Zeta's dress too well in the new pics on their homepage, but it is a dress. AND: it has fake breasts.. He looks like some sort of Halloween version of Kaya. The green parts of Nobu's costume reflects the light, and as his skirt is covered with pieces of green, he's all shiny and glittery now ^^

After the songs where Rem was present, all the members left the stage for a little while. Then, with the sound of church bells, things suddenly turned into MALICE MIZER. Kazune entered the stage in his very Yu~ki-ish outfit, holding a large accordion, and played a really cool solo (I many bands have an accordion solo?! :D ). Then it was Shizuki's turn. He played a few beats on his drums, before he started running around on stage waving buckets filled with candy instead. Then he poured it over us, with some help from Kazune, hence the candy in the pic above (there was seriously lots of it XD ) After the rain of candy, Yuu sang a Brain Hacker song, followed by Nobu singing a tune I didn't recognize. After this, Zeta returned to the stage, and they continued with their set. The encore bit at the end failed a bit though. Zeta didn't say anything after the end of "A good confinement" which was supposed to be the last song. So when they left the stage, the crowd didn't know whether they were just leaving for a short while like earlier, or if we were supposed to start calling for an encore. People just stood there in silence, until the band finally return and Zeta said that these were the last songs of the evening. As soon as they were done, the lights came on to avoid us from calling for an encore then.

As we left the live house, they handed out free posters to everyone, and also had a pre-sale of the new single :)

There were cameras both on the stage and among the audience, and as far as I know, the entire live was filmed. Some of this footage will end up on a live digest DVD that you'll get if you go to Art Cube's live at Rock May Kan on April 3rd next year. I hope they were successful in capturing some of the awesomeness of this live. It was simply amazing, and the best oneman I've ever been to.
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