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Prins & Prinsesse

When did Teru become the most popular member? I wanted to buy his version of the single yesterday, but it was sold out everywhere.... And at Like an Edison, even the regular version was gone from the shelves. None of their other releases have sold out this fast, have they? (or are more people than usual buying Teru's version just because of the cover..?)

At least we didn't have any trouble getting our favourites:

we were basically falling over eachother and laughing at lot at the same time..AND dropping those roses all over the place

Went to Hatsudai for the first time too, where they have the largest christmas tree I've seen in a while (but the picture doesn't show it's size). It even played music.

I can't remember there beeing so many decorated trees around last year... If you go to a shopping mall now, you can often see 5-6 trees from wherever you're standing. 


Versailles fans should start bringing their trading cards to lives, to trade with eachother x) It'll take some time to find all 11 of them. We're working on it though:


Also; to those of you who are sending me stuff (thanks again!):
I won't be home between 12/22 - 1/4. If I'm late in letting you know everything's arrived safely, that'll be the reason.
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