Jeanette (chounohana) wrote,

My ears. Are dead

I just dragged my... 30+kg(?) heavy suitcase all across Japan D: Or so it feels.
Going to Tokyo was sort of awful. It was really hot (It's December! It's not supposed to be 20°C, cause you end up wearing a winter coat, scarf etc. anyway, since that's what you're supposed to wear this time of year). And my suitcase felt like it increased in weight for every stair I had to walk up, dragging it with me (on top of having my laptop and bag with me). When I finally got to Shinjuku I felt like lying down on the bed for the next few hours, but found that I had about 30 min. before the doors at Astro Hall opened. And I had yet to eat and buy a ticket for a friend as I'd promised to do today D: So I stopped by the nearest Family Mart to get the ticket and buy some food at the same time. Then, on my way to the livehouse I ran into... Juka. Again XD Seriously, what's with running into this guy at random places... I feel like such a stalker.

Of course, at the livehouse, woman near the entrance goes "You cannot bring that inside! ಠ_ಠ", pointing to my FamiMa bag of food. But I hadn't eaten anything, and I'm about enter a building that I won't leave for six hours, where there is no food available. I had to bring it. So I ended up playing dumb and conveniently forgetting my Japanese for the moment. That works surprisingly well in most situations. Other than this, I really like Astro Hall. The size of both the stage and floor is perfect. (but I love small livehouses, so if you don't, you'd probably not like this place at all)

The bands playing tonight were:

E’m~grief~ were the ones I was there for. As far as I could hear, no one were laughing at them this time x) And there were more people there for them than there's been before. Even the band seemed a lot more confident on stage today as well :) They updated their looks a bit since their last live, and I had been wondering how Cecir's hair would look. I can't say I'm too fond of his hair in the new pictures, but thought that maybe it would look better in person? But I guess we'll never know, cause he got rid of the dreads :D He wasn't wearing extensions at all, and his bangs aren't braided anymore ^.^ He looks like this again (minus the feathers):

(I've been wanting him to go back to this hairstyle ever since E'm started)

They played three of their songs, as usual. But this time 独白の空 (dokuhaku no sora) was one of them :) They usually skip this song, so I was happy to hear it live. Rita talked about their upcoming release and the lives at Rock May Kan in March, and their set seemed to end with Eternal Melody, as all the members left the stage after this one (Yuuze didn't even do the "offering" of his guitar at the end of the set like he's been doing up till now <-- weird part of their performance). But. It didn't end x) Cue christmas music, as Cecir suddenly re-entered the stage, dressed in a santa hat and white beard, with a bag of presents over his shoulder. Majyu was wearing Matsuo's head! With reindeer antlers attached XD (this is Matsuo btw). He couldn't see much with it on, and it looked like he was about to trip off the stage at one point. Then they started throwing gifts into the audience (candy, a couple of Yuuze's magic wands, their santa hats etc.)

I'm looking forward till their sets will start getting longer than three songs, but I'm glad they tend to include these fun and weird little bits during their performances ^_ ^ Their next (Tokyo) live will take place at O-EAST... I wonder how it'll be seeing them on such a big stage all of a sudden. 


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