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Dis Inferno vol. VI

I sort of don't have much time right now, but I'll try to write a little about last night since it was pretty cool.

I ended up leaving for Ebisu a little later than planned, so there wasn't any time to pick up any food or drink on the way. Then, at liquidroom, they were late in giving us our tickets. I had promised to meet Mariko at the station at 4.30 to show her the way to the livehouse, and we didn't get our tickets until 5 minutes before that, so things got a little rushed.

Közi would be this year's Dis Inferno guest, so I had been hoping they would do some MALICE songs; not only for my own sake, but for Mariko who doesn't listen to neither M10M nor Közi's solo project, but used to follow MM when they were still active, and came along for the sake of seeing the two guitarists together on stage again. So we were both extremely happy when they opened the show with Speed of Desperate :)  It was Mana on drums, Sugiya on bass (dressed a bit like Yu~ki, with a mustache and top hat), Közi on guitar and Katsuo on vocals.  It got better though. They followed it up with N.g.s N.g.s, with Mana and Közi twin guitars ^^ (btw, Mana's make-up was blue for the occasion and Közi had his red MM guitar)

After this short but awsome MALICE MIZER performance, Seth did a solo, and then session bands with K and Hayato. Moi dix Mois have been doing so few lives that it feels almost weird to see Seth being a part of it....<_< I've become so used to seeing him at Art Cube's lives instead. It also sounded like there were more people screaming his name than Mana's this time.

Közi did some of his solo stuff, and the drummer was Chargeee from PPP (he's pretty easy to recognize). Everyone seemed very happy that he did Honey Vanity :D The last half of the live was Moi dix Mois playing about 10 of their old songs, and a couple of new ones.

Like last year, it all ended with everyone re-entering the stage and Seth singing "can't take my eyes off of you", and the others throwing presents to the audience. I see the point of giving us those signed plastic balls, but this year they were also throwing balloons into the crowd (the long narrow type you make balloon animals of). It's not like people can keep those for very long x)

After all of this, a group of about 12 of us went out for dinner at a restaurant nearby. That was nice ^^ A couple of girls had travelled all the way from Osaka for the live, and had to take the overnight bus to get back home. They also travelled to Europe to see M10M's tour there.


And I really don't see why we're always taking pictures after lives D: Especially after spending a few hours in the front at a M10M live. 

(yes, they're crappy quality cellphone pics)



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