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not so short post

This New Year's countdown live wasn't as interesting as last year's (no Versailles, Kaya, Juka, Kanzaki, mateope or ANUBIS on the setlist), but enjoyable nevertheless :)
Bands appeared in the following order:

1. お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】
2. 蜂-biene-
3. Ellseed
4. シネマストリップ
5. VesuVio
6. AibeLL
7. ヒトツメ
8. アケノカラス
10. Seciliaルナ
11. Megaromania
13. SIVA
14. Moran (countdown)
15. Anjyu'
16. Berry Bell
17. デンジャー☆ギャング
19 パニックちゃんねる 


The first of the bands that I wanted to see was AibeLL, so I joined Asphodel at OIOI before the live as we had a few hours until band #6 would come on stage. Last year the live started almost an hour before it was supposed to. This time it was late, so even though we went somewhere else first, I still managed to get to HOLIDAY in time for the first band; PARADE. They're just as strange as I expected them to be. Not really my type of live band though, so I think I'll stick to listening to their CDs.

AibeLL are still as fun as ever ^^ But they changed my favourite bit of the furi D: D: I don't follow this band outside of lives, so does anyone know if there's any video footage available somewhere of the guitarist while he's performing? He's so fun to watch XD He looks completely lost (His facial expression while playing).

Small note to myself here: Look for D'LORE stuff. I liked the way they looked on their flyer, so I paid more attention to their performance than the couple of bands playing before them, and they were fairly decent. (I'm sure half the reason for me liking them is unconsciously because the guitarist's eyepatch is a rose, but whatever XD )

Megaromania were late. REALLY late. The live house might have hold them back because we were running a little early, but no one gave us any reason for the long gap between them and Secilia Luna. Fortunately I like them, so they were worth waiting for. Had I not been a fan, I'd probably be more annoyed. But we were worried for a little while when they did their sound check and nothing more happened, until a second sound check was done. We were fearing some of their equipment or something broke, and that the second sound check might be the following band, but fortunately that wasn't the case. Sui's extensions didn't fall off this time ^^;

I'm enjoying SIVA more and more. When I first saw them about a year ago, I felt a bit meh about their performance, and didn't run out to buy their CDs afterwards. But having seen them again a couple of times lately, they're actually pretty cool. Either they changed or my taste did. They were definitely one of the catchier bands of the evening. (And Cell is part of the band, so that's a definite plus as well.)

And lol, Moran changed since I last saw them XD I hadn't seen them since their very first live, which was a secret live at Shibuya AX last March. Back then their outfits looked home-made, and Hitomi's performance was pretty shaky. Everything seemed a lot more professional this time around, and they were very popular among the crowd compared to most of the other bands. They were the countdown band, and had a special guest for the occasion: Takuma, the vocalist of Babylon ^^ They ended their set with "Party Monster". This song alone is wanting me to start going to their lives reguarly (despite what I've heard about some of the Fatima fans' behaviour). The song was total chaos, with jumping around without any control of where you're jumping because you're surrounded by lots of other people juming back and forth.

Can someone tell me if THE MAD SIMPSON is a proper band?? Because wtfwtfwtf?? They only played one song, thank goodness. And it didn't look like they had any fans (The only people standing in the front for them were Panic channel fans securing good spots for their band coming up next. During the band's intro, while the curtain was still closed with a video showing on it, they had fun making shadow animals instead of watching/listening XD ). All the members were wearing gas masks, including the vocalist... Even if he'd had a voice suited for singing, I don't think it would have sounded good with a mask like that covering his face. The fact that the man's voice was kinda horrible to begin with, didn't make it any better.

There were 10 bands less playing this time (last year there were 30 bands), so the live was done fairly early, at about 3:30am. Then it was straight to Starbucks for food and caffeine ^^;


Tomorrow is the Sherow Artist Society New Year Party. Kamijo made a point of telling us ticket numbers don't matter "because it's a party"... I wonder what they're up to. Also still need to figure out what to wear. Mana wants me to rent a kimono and get it fitted at a beauty salon. Me thinks that sounds expensive and troublesome D; (though it would be fun)

Tags: aibell, d'lore, holiday shinjuku, live, megaromania, moran, parade, siva

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