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Sherow Artist Society New Year Party

When we first walked in the doors at Shibuya O-EAST, I thought "oh, that's some nice cosplay..." And then... "OH! ...real thing XD"  Both the guys from Versailles and matenrou Opera were dressed in kimono, and most of them were walking around among the crowd. Kamijo, Jasmine, Sono and Yuu were next to the entrance high fiving us as we entered. Teru was running around being silly. Then he asked me if I wanted a guitar pick. "yeah, ok..." x)

The first part of the live consisted of various band members doing solos, with some guys sitting around a kotatsu talking and drinking alcohol (Kamijo pointed out that it was real alcohol, as he made Yuki drink an extra cup of it before doing his solo). The first one of them to do a solo was Teru. And we're not talking guitar, but singing x) Didn't sound too good to be honest, but he looked like he was having fun, unlike Jasmine who was shaking during his entire performance. By now, this felt like watching karaoke. Yuki was surprisingly good though. I did not expect him to have such a nice singing voice :D

This special part of the live also included Kamijo, the rest of Versailles + Ayame doing MALICE MIZER's au revoir :D And then Kamijo started going "Bonjour Honey!", getting us to answer "Hi Darling" like in the LAREINE days, before he sang Fleur (!!) Perfect live achived.

Eventually both bands changed into their regular costumes (Versailles were using the NEW new ones). One band did a couple of songs, then the other one did a couple of songs etc. They kept switching. During the encore matenrou Opera also announced a new release for March and their first oneman in July ^^ The show ended with The Red Carpet Day, sung by both Kamijo and Sono, and they started throwing presents into the audience. Cue chaos. A rose landing next to me was ripped to pieces <_< And the signed balls they threw out were made of rubber, so they would hit someone and then bounce off in a compeltely different direction. Didn't have to fight for the one in the picture above though. With everything happening all at once, no one noticed it landing on the floor beside me, so I could just peacefully bend down and pic it up ^^ The roses in the above pic are the new official Versailles rose that we're using during Sympathia while waving our arms from side to side (the "furi" Kamijo picked up during the overseas lives). They change colours, so that's kinda cool I guess.

Again short and undetailed, but I need sleep >_< If there's anything in particular anyone wants to know about this event; ask me.
Tags: kamijo, live, matenrou opera, o-east, versailles
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