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We spent the entire day shopping in Tokyo today. I'm not sure how smart that was, since I'm now feeling kinda exhausted and my feets are killing me, and I'm supposed to go to a live at O-EAST tomorrow. But it was fun :)

Laforet in Harajuku was having a sale, so we went there first. There were also lots of balloons:

After spending a couple of hours there, we got on the train to Ikebukuro, where I hadn't been for quite a while. Our first stop was Nekobukuro, a place where you pay to hang out with cats. Unfortunately all their cats are broken, but I did take pics (with a crappy cellphone camera, as I forgot my digital camera at home today >__<)

Chaon, the coolest cat there. When he wasn't lying down, he would sit like that, all crooked. And his ears have a weird shape.

He was smart, and tried to stay where people couldn't reach him.

Cat on a kotatsu


Creep was huge, and the fur on his body was really long. He wasn't particularly happy-looking...

Dead cats

This guy was the only one who showed any sign of liking to be petted. He kept leaning further and further over the edge of thing he's lying on.

He was also falling through it:

Cat TV, and cat on shelf.

^Scottish Fold <3


'^Oleo was blocking everyone's way through the wall.

We continued on to Sunshine City, where we went entered Namja Town. It was getting late, so we didn't explore much of the place, but we did go to IceCream City.

They have snake and cow tongue icecream :/ 

Dessert Garden was next door.

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