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Newborn PARADE-2009-

We got some snow yesterday, for the first time since last January. I guess we won't get any more until next year now...

Tonight's live took place at Takadanobaba AREA, and the bands playing were:
1. PoP'n'-roll.3rd
2. Vettic
4. ゴールデンボンバー (golden bomber)
5. Ellseed
6. Art Cube
7. Megaromania
8. 東京ミカエル。 (tokyo michael)
9. 焔 (homura)

I almost didn't recognize PoP'n'-roll.3rd. They changed their looks quite a bit since I last saw them. It didn't look like they'd become any more popular since last time (when the vocalist took the mic stand with him and jumped down from the stage to get closer to the people sitting in the back, since so few wanted to stand in the front area). But a lot of the other bands' fans in the back joined in on the furi this time.
Their set was short; 3 songs, 20 minutes. The MC was... interesting. The vocalist hadn't prepared anything?? Most of it consisted of "um.... eh.... what should I talk about... um.... This is awkward ・__・; eh..." Then he spent some time drinking water from a bottle.

With 9 bands playing, I expected most of the MCs to be rushed, and the sets to be short, but most of the bands seemed to have all the time in the world. THE VELVET played 5 songs tonight (They've played 4 at most the other times I've seen them). Their MC was also looong.
I still find MiMi's new miniskirt weird. His upper and lower body doesn't match anymore <__< But anyway, he sang well tonight as usual, and he was cool enough to stay at the merch table from the time their performance ended until the live was over, several hours later. I'm also happy this band got the opportunity to play at a bigger event like this, where there are more than 10~30 people, like there often is at the lives they play at. Lots of people stopped by the merch table to talk to MiMi throughout the evening, so hopefully that means they got some new fans.

ゴールデンボンバー.... Where do I begin? @__@ Someone just topped Pii-chan's intro XD These guys were fun from beginning to the end. Most of it is difficult to describe in a way that makes sense (The band made none). Maybe the depts of youtube has some good examples of their lives. This was one of the songs they did. They also did a Gackt song. Or rather a parody of it. The vocalist put on a suit and sunglasses, as he turned into "Gockt".
Their set also included the guitarist eating a couple of ears of corn way too quickly (he looked seriously ill after this). And the same guy pretended to cut open his stomach, using sausages as intestines, which he then proceeded to throw into the audience

Art Cube's set was also longer than it's been before:
1. Pain~ Wing・・・
2. Blue Heaven
3. False praye
4. A got confinement
5. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

Even though it was cold, Rem was fairly awake during the first couple of songs :D Not "moving-all-over-the-place" awake like she is when it's warm, but she was moving her head and flickering her tongue a lot. Then Zeta left her on the mic stand, which was very close to the front row of people, turned his back on her and went to the back of the stage.... Keep an eye on your giant reptile!! o_o;

They did a couple of mistakes tonight, but only minor ones.
I wish they wouldn't keep to their image so strictly. Zeta can be so silly and fun on stage (who else would do the oppapi song and dance dressed in his Moi dix Mois outfit?) But in Art Cube, he's never out of character >__< At least he still smiles, but that's just because he can't help it x) He's still Seiji under the wig and fake breasts after all.

Megaromania had lots of fans there, it felt like a oneman. Everyone was moving along to the coreography. Their popularity has really grown fast, even for an Under Code band.

Turns out yesterday was Sui's birthday, so they presented a cake for him. The guy actually looked genuinely surprised! That's kinda rare, seeing how common it is to do these things. All the other members said a few words to him, while Sui ate strawberries.

It will be interesting to see how quickly this band will get big, if they keep gaining fans in a speed like this.

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