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Juka @ 新宿HOLIDAY

Saying that it was raining today, would be an understatement. It wasn't that bad when we left for Tokyo, but that sure changed by the time we arrived in Shinjuku  -__-

I was surprised at how many people came to HOLIDAY today, as it was a session live, and no "proper" bands. One of the more popular groups was Satoshi's (vocalist of EREMIA) session. They didn't do any LAREINE songs this time around, but several other songs that most of the audience were familiar with. Including Phantasmagoria, Pierrot, and a Gazette song, for which they made the bassist put on a homemade noseband x)

I don't listen to enough of D's music to know the names of the songs Juka sang, but like before, they were all D covers. His voice sounded more powerful tonight. Last month it seemed like he was still holding back a bit, but now his voice sounds strong and even more polished than a year ago.
We hadn't reserved spots in the front row (saizen), so we just got to our spots in second row before Juka's set, which I was happy with. But noticing there was some space between a couple of saizen people, I asked if me and a friend could squeeze in between them. Apparently that wasn't possible, but instead a couple of girls offered us their spots o_o; Really nice of them, but I felt kinda bad seeing them move several rows back for our sake. It's not like Juka does lives every week.

Initial D (Juka & co) was the last band playing before the last and main band, Anmin Kigan (Rukia from Metis Gretel's session). Neither of us found them particularly interesting, so we considered leaving in an attempt to make it to the last train back home. But I wanted cheki from Juka, and he still hadn't come out to sell them, so we ended up waiting until Anmin were done playing. And I'm so glad we did ^__^ During their final encore, the vocalist started calling people to the front. Not the general audience, but other bandmen. The bassist of EREMIA (who was part of Satoshi's session today), had already been jumping around, headbanging and saku'ing among us girls for a while (dressed in his costume and platform boots. The guy is cool!) A few more guys jumped in among us and started dancing along. The rest of them were forced to go up on stage. Several of them, including Juka, joined in on singing the last song. Then they had to do the furi like we did. Juka sort of failed. He tried though, while he looked like he was thinking something along the lines of "oh-god-what-am-I-doing-don't-look-at-me D:" Before he gave up, hid his face in his hands and jumped off the stage x) This will certainly make me feel less stupid if I mess up during his songs.

After this, we finally got to buy those cheki so we could get on our way back home. The merch table wasn't exactly crowded, so he had time to talk to everyone who wanted to talk with him. His geographical knowledge amuses me.... "Norway....??? That's the place that's... cold, right? (・__・;)"


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