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le festival de la naissance sanglant

I originally already had plans for the 14th, so I wasn't going to apply for a ticket to Versailles' fanclub live that day. I had also already gotten the fanclub tickets I wanted for the non-Tokyo tour lives, so I thought that would lessen my chance of being picked for this event. But last minute, I decided that "oh, why not...?"  And yeah.... looks like I'll be changing my plans for next Saturday, cause I got the ticket o_o I didn't even write anything in the "Please write a message to the band"-part of the application...

I'd never been to Otsuka before, let alone RED-Zone (the livehouse). But it turned out to be very easy to locate, and a lot closer to the train station than I thought.

The live was generally very non-visual. Dark Schneider and Art Cube had already looked out of place on the list of bands playing, and certainly didn't look any less out of place at the actual event. I had expected Dark Schneider to have more fans.... They've got the potential to have a large group of followers. But there were barely any people there who looked like they knew much about them (six girls standing in front of the stage). I did hear lots of girls around me comment on how handsome the guitarist was though. Until "he" started speaking, and everyone exclaimed "It's a woman?!! D:"
It was the first time I saw them, and they were definitely the ones I liked best, appart from Art Cube. But then, the other acts included things like a Limp Bizkit cover band.... (They were very good, but I'm not a fan of LB.) The voice of Dark Schneider's vocalist was surprisingly deep and powerful :D I'd love to see these guys again soon. A couple of the members came out to watch Art Cube, and it would have been interesting to chat with them, or just see if they enjoyed the performance, but they kept to the mid section. I'd stayed a couple of rows away from the stage at Art Cube's last live, as I had a headache and didn't want to headbang then. So this time I wanted to join people in the front row. Which turned out to be an eventful spot today, when Zeta almost dropped Rem o_o; She slipped off him, and he just barely managed to grab her neck in time to prevent the huge snake from falling off the stage. Poor creature.

The set list:
1. 砂の華 (suna no hana)
2. Blue Heaven
3. Pain~ Wing・・・
4. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)
"A got confinement" is one of their most fun live songs (only topped by Pain Wing), so I was a bit disappointed that they didn't do it this time, but I guess I should appreciate some variety in their set list. (As long as they keep doing Pain Wing, I shall be happy).

And my suspicion last month about Zeta having lost some weight, was correct. The upper part of his costume is a bit loose on him now, and it made it very easy to see the tattoo at the back of his shoulder... Why do they keep bothering with trying to hide his identity? (Not to mention, there were several Moi dix Mois members at the live today).

I have to get up early to go somewhere important tomorrow, so I guess I should at least make an attempt at getting some sleep now...

Tags: art cube, dark schneider, live, red-zone, rem, versailles
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