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MaitoreiA 1st live - 「Birth of Legend」

I'll start with ranting about getting places...

I think today is the first time I've experienced Friday the 13th to be somewhat unlucky (although most things fixed themselves in the end). So many of the lives I've been going to lately have been of the kind where you reserve a ticket with the band, and then pay for it as you enter the livehouse. So I completely forgot that I actually had a pre-bought ticket for MaitoreiA's oneman today and left my apartment without it D: I didn't get far before I remembered it, but I was already short on time, and going back to get it caused me to miss my train to Tokyo by 1 minute. (The train leaves about once an hour >_<) I ended up getting to Meguro a bit late, but fortunately(?) the band were late themselves, so I didn't miss anything.
When the live was over, I ran to the station and got there less than 30 seconds before the train I needed to take left for Tokyo station. When I got there I had way too little time to get down three floors for the next train, and I wasn't the only person trying to make it to the last train home. When there's a billion people running in every direction around you, getting somewhere fast is nearly impossible -__- But I somehow made it down to the right platform just in time, out of breath and nearly fainting because of lack of food (didn't have time to eat much before going to Tokyo). Now I should have been safe, cause getting on this train means I'll be at the other stations in time as well. Until I got to Chiba where train #3 was 20 minutes delayed <_< So much for trying to make it to train #4.
And then an unannounced storm arived. (Or, I'm assuming it was unannounced. I certainly hadn't heard anything about it)

"Birth of Legend" wasn't just MaitoreiA's first oneman. It was their very first live and the start of their activities. They had a few technical promblems to begin with (the background music stopped playing, some lights weren't doing what they were supposed to do). I also found the vocalist's (Retsu) singing to be a bit uncontrolled. But he explained being very nervous, and after a few songs it sounded as good as I could have hoped for, so looks like it was simply nerves :) He is also very charming and good at entertaining the crowd during his MCs.

I was already familiar with Daishi, having seen him in Amaterase, but didn't know anything about the other members except for hearing two songs of Retsu's former band. So I didn't really have any expectations before going to this oneman, other than that it would probably sound a lot like Amaterase, based on the samples on their myspace. Fortunately for me, I like Amaterase's music, as it did indeed sound like that, only more powerful. They completely blew me away with some of the songs they did. The only complaint I'd have is that the bass drowned out the guitar at times, but that isn't necessarily the case for the recorded versions.They did also have a couple of songs that were completely different from the rest of the stuff they played, so they are capable of versatility.
Being such a new band, they don't have a large amount of music ready yet. To avoid the live ending too early, they would play one song, and then show us how to do the furi correctly, before playing it again XD Even the encore was a song they'd already done. I don't think any of us minded it much though, as it was hilarious to see the band members dance around on stage in their costumes, doing saku and the monkey while demonstrating the coreography for us.

Now I'm almost sad I won't be able to go to their second oneman live tomorrow. But I just realized today how much I'm looking forward to see Kamijo and the rest of Versailles again, with their lack of activities these last few months. Oh well, I guess I can't have it both ways, and I'm sure tomorrow will be lots of fun :) Now let's wait see if this storm will have worn off by then.....


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Feb. 13th, 2009 08:00 pm (UTC)
I'm so happy to hear they sound good! And that they're versatile. I was getting a little worried that they'd sound a little *too* much like Amaterase. The chorus of one of their myspace sample songs sounds very much like the chorus of takamagahara. But it's nice to hear that they're keeping the same style, more or less. I'm really excited for these guys and I hope to hear some official stuff really soon. :D

Have fun meeting up with Versailles! I miss seeing them, too. XD
Feb. 14th, 2009 12:18 am (UTC)
Yeah, a couple of the songs they did might as well have been Amaterase. Sort of like re-recordings with a richer sound. And then there was this one song that was so different it made the audience laugh in surprise.
I'm curious to see how much of the music is composed by Daishi when we get a release from them.

After keeping me awake for several hours, the storm finally did stop, so there's a chance we might look decent at the event today too :D I wonder if they'll do some special Valentine's stuff.
Feb. 14th, 2009 03:17 am (UTC)
Richer sound is good sound. ^-^

Amaterase kind of had the habit of throwing really random songs at you, too... I don't typically equate "easy listening" with "rapid-fire f-zero music" but Daishi's been able to pull it off quite well in the past. I'm curious about how much of a role he'll play in composing for MaitoreiA.

Speaking of weird weather, we've got some wonky stormy weather here lately, too. Very unusual for this time of year...

And I'm sure Versailles will do some awesome Valentine's stuff. :D
Feb. 15th, 2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
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