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Bonjour! Chanson

I've had "Aux Champs Elysées" stuck in my head for hours now...

Bon Appetit! wasn't a regular oneman. It was a theatrical play. The stage was made to look like a French café/restaurant. There was a menu there which, among other things, listed KAMIJO wine XD And it was twice as expensive as the second most expensive item on there ( ̄▽ ̄)

Kaya played the role of a woman who fell in love with one of the waiters (who felt the same way about her). But both of them were too shy to tell eachother about their feelings. Throughout the play, Kaya would sing chansons and some of his regular songs that matched the story. After Kaya had worked up the courage to ask waiter guy out, the play was over and the last part was a live show like he usually does. Outfits for the event was a white dress with black polka dots and a black corset. He also wore the huge white hat with feathers for a little while. During the last part, he wore the red rose dress again (short version). His hair was a warm chestnut brown, curled and hanging down over his shoulders. (I'm still celebrating the disappearance of the Chocolate wig <_<;)

The chansons didn't really convince me when I heard them back in December. But it must have had something to do with the fact that he sang them together with Soiree, as the arrangement was different tonight, and they were more upbeat and... Kaya-ish. I quite enjoyed them ^^ Especially Aux Champs Elysées and Padam Padam.
I expected Rose Jail would turn out to be extremely painful, as this was a very small livehouse, but it wasn't too bad. Probably because it *was* so small. It made us unable to move much at all. And Rose Jail wasn't the only violent song he did: The one before it was a completely new one! It's called "Addict", and it's a Hora song! :D Definitely more my thing than the chansons, so this'll be a release I'm looking forward to.

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