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MELLO club party'09

My daily rhythm is completely messed up. For the last few weeks I haven't been able to fall asleep until 6 in the morning, and of course then I end up sleeping until 4 in the afternoon. Nothing wrong with going through the days like that (Though you don't get to see much daylight), but it causes problems those days when you have to get up early. Like today.

OIOI (marui one) re-opened at a new location last week, with new stores added, so we decided to check it out. I'm so happy they've added a ZEAL LINK to the top floor (^o^)/ We didn't have time to explore the entire place (we could easily spend an entire day in there), but so far it looks good.

After walking around for a few hours getting tired and hungry, we were off to Ikebukuro for another live:

The tickets had an "Etc." added to the list of bands.... Whoever that was supposed to be, they never showed up. The first band playing was グルグル映畫館 (guruguru eigakan). They're an old visual band formed back in 1995, and they've kept a lot of that "old school vk" feel to them, which was interesting. Though they weren't my cup of tea, I did like the nasal voice of the vocalist.

Sugar played quite a few tunes tonight, as they didn't spend any of their time doing stuff like an MC etc. They didn't even stop to breath between songs. I'm not very familiar with their music, but I had seen them live before, and do enjoy their performances. SIZNA usually steals the show, not only is he constantly moving about, but he's making weird faces throughout their entire lives, being 200% more into a song than everyone else (He's also fairly skilled on the guitar). I didn't expect anything else to be able to distract me from his antics..... until Loki entered the stage half naked D: D: When did he decide clothes were a bad thing? And when did he start doing strip dances? D: *focus on sizna! focus on sizna!*

Kaya was still sick, like at his oneman last week. (He kept coughing right in our faces, so if I wake up with a sore throat tomorrow: Thank You Kaya -__-;)
The set list:
1. Pourriture noble
2. 鏡鬼 (kagami oni)
3. Silvery Dark
4. 火車 (kasha)
5. Rose Jail

I was surprised he decided to do Silvery Dark, having such a bad cold. And he did indeed have problems singing parts of it. The MC was also short(er than usual; Kaya is incapable of doing a short MC) because of all the coughing etc. He didn't have any important announcements, so it was just small talk and chatting with the crowd. That's one of the things I like about his MCs, which makes me not care so much if they're long. They're funny, for one thing, but he also talks with us, not just to us.
I missed having Yui around for Kasha, but Kaya did a good job on his own, getting everyone to shout, jump and wave their arms. I can't remember ever seeing him so lively during this song before. He was all over the place :D

Second row is a pretty good spot for Rose Jail, as you'll then get the front row to serve as your padding when the people behind you jump into you. So this was where I intended to stay. But as the crowd rushed forwards, a spot opened up in front of me, and I was pushed into it. I became the padding D: CYBER doesn't have any barrier between the stage and the audience, so all we could do was bend at the waist, and lay our upper bodies down upon the stage itself while everyone else jumped on top of us. I don't know exactly what happened, if I twisted my back as several people landed on it or whatnot, but when the chaos ended and we got back up on our feet, I felt an intense pain in my spine/lower back. It completely ruined Mello's performance for me. I really wanted to enjoy it, as I thought they were great. But as I stood there, the pain just kept intensifying, whether I moved or not. It's been 7 hours now, and the pain hasn't subsided at all. It's sort of scaring me. A lot.
Please be ok body! T_T

Kaya didn't have any of his dancers with him today, but after the live OCHI suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He was shyly standing in a corner of the room until most people had exited the livehouse. Then he went over to the merch tables and bought a couple of Sugar photo sets. I didn't know he was a fan :) And it was nice seeing him as "one of us" and not just as a dancer next to Kaya.



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