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Another COLD day at the livehouse

My back seems to be slowly, slowly making a recovery. I've been giving it some (boring) days of rest, and it's still giving me trouble sleeping at night and standing without moving for more than 30 minutes at a time. I'm just hoping it'll be alright before the 22nd @_@ It's probably a good thing I won't be part of Rose Jail again until mid April, and it's at a place with chairs.
It wouldn't have been so bad had it just been a twisted muscle or something like that, but it was the spine that got the blow <__<;

We had a day of sunshine today among all the rain of late, so it was pretty nice going to Takadanobaba. I'd someday like to have more time to explore this part of Tokyo. It seems interesting (and I've located a Starbucks, so it's not a complete waste of space at least).

The sun did however make it impossible to take a decent picture of the setlist


I mentioned seeing Dark Schneider not too long ago, right? Laer's deep voice impressed me at the event with Art Cube last month, and after considering it for a while, I decided to go see them again. ("Considering" as in deciding whether or not I should spend all the money on ticket and travel. There wasn't any doubt about wanting to see them again).

I had completely forgotten that one of the other bands playing tonight would be ミサルカ (Misaruka), until they were suddenly standing on stage. "oh.....・__・"  They did not leave a good impression on me when I saw them in December. More along the lines of "oh dear god make it stop D: " But I'd been wanting to give them a second chance, and thought I'd do so at the E'm live coming up in a couple of weeks, before being reminded that they were performing at this live as well. And fortunately they did improve. I think my main problem lies with the voice of the vocalist, cause I enjoyed the music the rest of the members were playing a lot (symphonic orchestra stuff; I'd be very interested in buying their releases if they include instrumentals). They've become some sort of mini-Versailles! But how on earth can they afford costumes from Baby/AatP?? They're a very small indie band who's been active for 9 months.... Does one of them have really rich parents? o_O
So I made an effort to half-way ignore the vocals and listen to the rest of the music. And I love the bassist! So often the bass is drowned out by everything else, but I could hear every single note this guy was playing, and he was good :) (And he isn't scary and freaky-looking anymore)
They have this whole "We are mini-Versailles!" thing going on, which is cool. But I couldn't help laughing at them as their set started. Serious/majestic/etc. background music started playing, the members entered the stage, and the vocalist struck a dramatic pose with the mic, ready to start singing. But the song's backing music never started playing ^^; The other members were looking at the staff who were obviously having technical problems, while the vocalist was oblivious to it all as it happened behind his back, and kept his pose for forever.... x) That lost some of its elegance.
But at least I'm looking forward to seeing them again now. Which is a good thing as I'll be seeing them several times in the near future (It looks like they'll become another one of "those bands that keep appearing at the same lives as the bands I follow").

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