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Yokohama tickets GET

Our tickets for the Yokohama concert came today! Looks like eplus was in charge of sending out the tickets this time though, which is why I got them more than a week before the concert I guess. So this should mean the Sendai tickets will get here in a couple of days or so too :)

Art Cube hadn't done a live for more than 5 weeks, so I was really looking forward to seeing them again yesterday. But getting there wasn't going to be too easy @_@ Arriving at the train station, we were met by a notice board saying "sorry, trains are cancelled because of, eh... wind". So we had to take a taxi to get to another town with a bigger station (there's only one line running from where I live), only to find out that no trains were running there either. The taxi driver had talked about a bus going from nearby the station, but it was nowhere to be seen. Fortunately a limited express train came by eventually. This train usually costs a lot more than the other ones, but the guy collecting ticket money didn't check on the car we were seated in for whatever reson. I wish that would happen more often.

Art Cube played a pretty good set last night. No giant snakes came falling from the sky, and Zeta seemed to be in a really good mood ☆ He's moving further and further away from the serious image he had in this band some months ago. He was smiling during most of the live (as much as you can be smiling while you're singing), and it was the same for the MC. He even laughed a bit. This might not sound like anything special, but I had been missing the fun/happy side of him, so I'm glad to see it starting to shine through.

The songs:
1. Pain~ Wing・・・
2. Blue Heaven
3. A got confinement
4. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

There were a lot of PRIMEADDICT fans at this live (they were one of the other bands playing). When the fifth band was about to come on stage, all of them moved forwards, making quite a crowd, and started shouting the names of the bandmembers. After doing this for a while, the room turned dark, and the intro for.... Pain Wing started playing >__< All the Primeaddict fans went "what the.....?" while a dozen Art Cube fans frantically tried to make our way to the front between all the other people without making too much noise. At a slightly bigger livehouse, we're usually just enough people to make up a front row. Rock May Kan is really small, so we were about one and a half row of people. Because of this, the Primeaddict fans didn't leave the front, but simply took a step backwards allowing us to jump in infront of them, causing Art Cube to have the biggest crowd they've ever had x) I hope they didn't realize 95% of the people were fans of another band just guarding their good spots... Many of them seemed to spend Art Cube's set commenting to eachother how frightened they were of Rem. Is she really that scary? The general reaction I get from people when mentioning her is "aaah snake! D: D:"  I think she's cool. And she certainly makes the band stand out a bit.

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